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This week, the mod squad in the Fan Fiction community will be interviewing some of our favorite fan fiction authors here on Vingle!

For my turn, @matokokepa was kind enough to give an interview. Without further ado, here it is!

Have you always enjoyed writing or was it something that you had to learn to like over time?

I've always enjoyed writing. I just wish had given it more attention. I've always liked writing fan fics. I've written them before, just not this genre.

What inspires you to write?

What inspires me... I'm over reading the question. I don't know what inspires me. Just a need to write. To create something with words. Because to me, it feels like I'm molding something out of words, by using words. Creating worlds.

What is your writing process like?

Sometimes it's spontaneous, like Secret Of A Noona (part1). I was writing whatever was coming to me. I didn't plan the character or the situation and I felt I knew enough about the male lead enough to do it, the kind of person he probably is. I know that character and plot development are important but for reason, that doesn't work for me. At some point the story starts to veer away and I'm like 'Hey, where you going', lol... So I just go with the flow. Sometimes I actually come up with the ending and just make my way towards that ending. Run Jun Myeon is an example of that.

Interesting! Since it sounds like your method of writing involves little structure or planning, do you end up editing as you write or just getting a whole section of a story written and doing any editing later?

I usually just let it lay out as it is. I don't think I've had to go back and edit anything major. Just for misspelling (especially because of autocorrect) or past/present tense. Lately, I've been trying to change how I've been doing that. With the current story, I'm actually four chapters ahead of what I've posted. So before I post, I'm reading it over to make sure that this is what I want, that this is how I want it read. And checking for misspellings... That darn autocorrect, haha.

When you're not working on stories of your own, what do you like to read? Are there any authors (of any type) that you think influence your writing or whose writing style you particularly admire?

I love books, If I had the money, I'd build my own library. My favorite authors would have to be Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Neil Gaiman. I really enjoy Brom too. There was a book he wrote called The Plucker. The first time I watched Got7's Just Right, that book came to mind. The Plucker is like the dark side of Toy Story, a story from Sid's room. They've inspired me to want to create my own little dark world. I try not to let their style influence my writing because we all have to find our own style. I would have to say I admire Brom the most when it comes to writing.

Do you have any writing pet peeves?

In general, I think, maybe when I get an idea in the middle of a story and think I'll come back and add it but end up forgetting about it. After its been posted, I look at it, and I'm like "something is missing... Oh yeah!" I'm trying to break that habit.

If someone wanted to start writing fan fiction what advice would you give them?

Write what you feel like writing. There is no limit to a story, especially in fiction, it's limitless. Don't be afraid to try something. If you have the ability to write it, then write. And I've read good stories where the conversations are jumbled up in one paragraph. You can't tell who's talking. Haha, just kinda watch out for things like that. Watch out on your p.o.v's. And try not to get too personal. If your injecting your own personal experience into a story, that's fine but remember to be objective about it. If it's making you upset, then just don't use it because believe or not, it kinda messes with your story.


Thank you very much for the interview, @matokokepa!


If you'd like to read either of the stories mentioned in this interview (and highly recommended by me!) you can find them here on Vingle:

*Note: Secret of a Noona continues under different names later in the story.

❖>>Fan Fiction Squad!

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