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Warning: there are somethings about the main female characters past that my cause some triggers for some readers.
“You know if you come closer I can warm you up.” Jungkook stated as he and Ji Su walked along the shore. The sun was peaking ready to rise for that day. Ji Su woke up after only having an hour of sleep. She walked out of her room and went for a walk. Jungkook found her walking on the shore in deep thought.
“Its fine I’m not cold.” Ji Su stopped and looked out at the never-ending ocean. Sleeping next to Jungkook made her have issues with just sleeping. The other times didn’t give her any issues. This time though realizing the feelings developing for him after a few weeks of knowing him.
Ji Su closed her eyes and sighed. I’m really digging a hole. First I get dumped and now I am falling for a man with attractive bunny smile who was just a one night stand. Ji Su laughed at the thought.
“What are you laughing about?” Jungkook asked wrapping his arms around her.
“Nothing just thinking.” She told him leaning into his warmth. They stood there until the sun looked like it was floating. Jungkook took her hand as they walked back to the hotel. He was worried about her since she got up this morning. When she walked out he sat up thinking it was something that he did. Of course, being the gentleman he was, Jungkook didn’t push into asking her. When they were back in the room, Ji Su went and took a shower locking the door.
When she did that he really was starting to believe that he did something. Ji Su was shutting him out and he wasn’t going to let that happen. Ji Su was in and out of the shower standing in front of him smelling of coconuts. Jungkook closed his eyes when the sent hit him. He opened them again she was walking around him, but he stopped her by grabbing Ji Su’s arm. She looked at his hand and then up at him.
“Did I do something wrong?” He asked wanting to push.
“No Jungkook you didn’t. I was just thinking about some things.” Which wasn’t a lie nor was it the truth. Ji Su had many things on her mind and some of it dealt with Jungkook. The other part of her thoughts dealt with things in her past that she wanted to keep to herself. She finished getting ready and Jungkook disappeared to take a shower.
When he was out with just a towel on he received a glare from Ji Su.
“It’s not like you have seen me like this before.” He smiled walking over to where she was at, the bed. Ji Su looked up at him with wet hair and the smell of rain scented body wash. His abs were right there in front of her and without thinking about it, her right hand was on his abs, and chest. Ji Su’s heart was racing and her face felt hot. She stopped touching him and looked away.
Her body was reacting differently than the last few times she had seen him like this. Before she would just jump him and let him have his way without feelings attached. Now every time he touched her or like now standing in front of her naked there was this thing called feelings wanting to attach. Jungkook leaned down to where his was face to face with her. He watched her face turn bright red.
“Babe, you ok?” He asked worried with a sexy smirk.
No I am no ok, not with you looking all hot and making me have feelings that we both agreed to not having. Also, I want you to take me in this mini skirt that I am wearing. Her face felt warmer with the thought of wanting him to do that to her.
“Are you thinking about something dirty?” He asked voice raspy and looking her up and down. He licked his lips seeing that she was wearing a black flowy skirt that was hiked up exposing her upper thighs. Placing both hands on either side of her still looking at her. Without breaking eye contact he moved his left hand and placed it on her right thigh. He watched her bite her lip and closing her eyes loving the feeling on his big hand on her. He didn’t move his hand, he just left it there feeling her rubbing her thighs.
“You know babe if you want me just tell me.” He whispered in her ear. Oh, and she wanted him. She opened her eyes and looked in his that matched his, full of lust. Their lips were barely touching when a knock on the door stopped them. They didn’t move until another set of knocks on the door. Jungkook walked away to the bathroom, Ji Su didn’t get up until the bathroom door closed. Ji Su walked over to the door and looked through the peephole to see who was at her door.
“What do you want Jae?” She asked refusing to open her door.
“I know what day it is and I wanted to know if you were ok.” He said on the other side of the door.
“If you really care than leave.” Ji Su looked away and started to walk away from the door, but stopped when Jae spoke.
“Listen I know that I hurt you and even if we aren’t together I still worry about you.” Even though he sounded sincere she didn’t believe him.
“You should have thought about that when you broke up with me.”
“Does your new guy know about today?” When Jae said that Ji Su walked over to the door and opened it.
“You need to leave Jae. I am not going to deal with you. No, he doesn’t know because I haven’t told him. When I am ready I will tell him. Now leave.” Ji Su told him voice full of hate. He just stood there and smirked.
Angry, Ji Su closed her door right when Jungkook walked out of the bathroom. Jae and Jungkook locked eyes for a split second before the door closed. Ji Su walked out to the balcony hoping that fresh air would help her calm down. Jae was confusing her.
First, he takes her heart and stomps on it and then he comes whenever he pleases. He never did that when they were together. No, Ji Su would go to him rather than him going to her. Now he is worried about her? He never cared about this day over the years they dated. He was either gone or had a busy meeting, and he would just send her a message saying he wishes he was there with her.
Ji Su shock her head realizing that the five years they were together she only loved the image of what they had. Now looking back at every little detail of those years showed that image. Warm long arms wrapped around her and a chin resting on her right shoulder. She knew that he heard everything. She couldn’t help, but think that if he knew about her past he wouldn’t look at her the same.
“I know that we made an agreement to not attach anything, but when you are ready to talk, I’ll be here. Don’t worry what I will think alright.” He whispered in her ear full of worry and then he teased her. “Who knows maybe we’ll become real close friends.” This made her chuckle as his arms tighten around her.
“Today,” she started to say, clearing her throat. “seven years ago, I did something in my past that I am not proud of.” She turned around in his arms before she continued. “When I was younger, my parents died and I was a bit of a trouble maker after their death.” Taking a deep breath, she looked up at him. “I had a criminal record that was wiped clean three years ago. But that doesn’t make up for what I did. Even though I wasn’t at fault, but it doesn’t help that I caused someone their life.”
“What happened?” Jungkook asked still standing there holding her. It was comforting to her as she continued.
“When my parents died, I was place in my uncle’s custody. The effects of my parent’s death made me act out and my uncle would hit me because of it. Though it didn’t stop me from rebelling. When he realized that hitting me wasn’t working he,” Ji Su stopped and looked down starring at Jungkook’s shirt then back at him. “He started to hit my aunt thinking that I would start acting like the child my parents raised me to be. When I didn’t stop, he came into my room one night.” Taking a shaky deep breath. “I don’t remember what he did to me, but I remember seeing blood everywhere and my aunt screaming. Ever since that day I was disowned from my family, though my grandmother took me in until she passed away two years ago.” She felt his thumbs rubbing tears away not noticing that she was crying. Jungkook wiped her tears letting her cry.
He didn’t know what to say besides process what she shared with him. One what she did was to protect herself and it wasn’t her fault. Two he didn’t care about the criminal record that she had. She was young and was going through a lot at that time with no one to help her. Three he wanted to try and make her forget about what happened on this day 7 years ago. Ji Su stopped crying and stayed in Jungkook’s embrace thinking it might be the last time he would hold her.
“What you did wasn’t your fault. We all have a past that we are not proud of and that it can’t just up and disappear.” Jungkook told her while taking her face in his hands to have her look at him. “We just need to look toward the what we have now and the future. So, what if your family wants to be idiots and not see how horrible your uncle was. You have a better life now.” Another wave of tears hit and she was crying. He was frantic on what to do, but all he did was hold her.
Jungkook made sure the Ji Su was well enough to go to the last part of the Spring Show that night. After she cried for an hour he made her laugh making bunny faces and weird faces that can’t be described. He made her feel better.
“I’m am fine Jungkook, plus, I have to be there tonight for my last piece to be shown. Also, Mi Sun would come after me if I didn’t show up.” She told him reassuring him that she was fine. Fixing her make up that was ruined from her cry fest earlier, Ji Su was trying to hide the fact that she cried, but she knew that Mi Sun will find out either way. Grabbing her black suit jacket, Jungkook and her walked out.
Ji Su felt different after she told him a little about her past. When she told Jae she never felt this way. She thought that reason why was because he was busy. With Jungkook showed that he cared and she felt lighter as if the weight was lifted away from her shoulders. She also felt closer with Jungkook at an emotional level. They met up with Mi Sun who was freaking out pacing back and forth. Ji Su was worried that one something happened to Jin or two something with the show happened.
“Mi Sun what’s wrong? Is everything ok?” Ji Su asked putting her hands on Mi Sun to stop her from pacing. “The model from last that wore your yellow dress. She is sick from partying too much. They have no one else to model you last piece and they told us that we might have to just not even show it!” Mi Sun yelled and was on the verge to cry.
“Mi Sun take a deep breath. I can model my piece since it is my size. This wouldn’t be the first or the last time we have done this before. Plus, other designers have done the same.” Ji Su reassured Mi Sun who calmed down giving Ji Su a smile.
“Alright I guess we will just have to get you in there and to get ready.” Mi Sun took Ji Su’s arm walking towards backstage, but stopped when Mi Sun noticed something about Ji Su.
“What happened?” She asked.
“Nothing ever goes past you, does it?”
Nope now answer my question.” Ji Su looked at Mi Sun and then back at Jungkook who was out of hearing distance.
“I told him.” Ji Su said and Mi Sun’s eyes went wide when she looked at Jungkook.
“You told him and he is ok? Not freaking out running out screaming about what you did?” Mi Sun was confused when she looked back at Ji Su. Ji Su told Mi Sun about Jae showing up and that Jae brought up about what happened in the past. She told Mi Sun that she told Jungkook and felt different after she told him. Mi Sun hugged Ji Su and they stood there for a few minutes before stepping away from the hug. Mi Sun looked over at Jungkook who was pretending to be on his phone. He looked up and saw Mi Sun looking at him and his face turn red.
“You know Jungkook is a sweet kid and I am glad that you were able to share something with someone else. I remember when you told Jae and he really didn’t do anything. Thinking about it now he was an ass.” Mi Sun said to Ji Su who wasn’t understanding what Mi Sun was getting at. Ji Su just smile and was glad that she had Mi Sun in her life.
“I should head in and get ready.” Ji Su told Mi Sun and starting walking towards backstage when she was pulled into a hug.
“I am so happy that you and I are like sisters. Always sharing and never keeping secrets.” Mi Sun said gripping her hold on Ji Su before letting her go. Ji Su felt sick when Mi Sun said about never keeping secrets.
Maybe I could tell her and everything would be ok if I told her. After Ji Su thought about telling Mi Sun she quickly pushed it away thinking that nothing good would come out of her telling Mi Sun about her and Jungkook.
Taking a deep breath, the backstage manager walked up to her asking what she was planning on doing about the model situation. Ji Su told the manager that she was going to take the place of her model. Once she said that she was placed into a chair and a makeup along with a hair stylist went to work. Ji Su was feeling her eyes grow heavy as she was feeling sleep take over, but she was wide awake when she heard noise behind her. She opened her eyes to see Jungkook standing behind her.
“Sir, you can’t be back here.” The backstage manager said walking up to Jungkook.
“I know I just wanted to talk to Ji Su about something.” Jungkook said not taking his eyes off her. She then looked at his eyes as his looked her up and down. She glanced at the mirror to see her hair was put into a Bohemian braid style, and her makeup was darker than her normal. The eye makeup had that smoky look, highlighting her sapphire eyes. The lip color was a baby pink and she liked the way she looked.
Looking back at Jungkook, who looked like he was going to eat her, gave her a smirk before walking up to her. The backstage manager threw a fit before storming off somewhere.
“You know you can’t be back, these women like to change openly no matter who is looking.” She told when he was closer.
“If you are the one who undress in front me I won’t be looking at anyone else, but you.” That made her heart rapidly beat and her face turning red. He leaned down and whispered, “You look good enough to eat.” That sent goosebumps all over her closing her eyes as she let out a shaky breath. She opened her eyes to see him smirking knowing what he was doing to her.
“You’ll have to wait until later tonight.”
“I know as long as you don’t fall asleep on me again. I don’t plan on sleeping at all tonight.” “Are you that turned on with how I look?” She asked him with her left eyebrow raised looking at him.
“You have now idea with how hot you look is making me.” That made her smile while she looked down at her hands. She was still in her outfit that put on this morning.
She had a thought and it wasn’t a pure thought as she stood up looking to see if anyone was watching. Grabbing Jungkook’s hand, she leaded him to a deeper part of the backstage. No one was in sight and no one would see them as it was almost pitched black. As if he knew what she was thinking, Jungkook picked her up so they were at eye level and her legs wrapped around him.
“Oh, what are you thinking Ms. Ji Su?” Jungkook asked.
“When you touched me this morning I wanted you to go further. Touching me, making my body talk under those hands of yours.” When she whispered that to him, Ji Su felt his hands on her thighs moving up under neither her skirt. Biting her lip, he was liking how she looked so desperate to have him touch her.
“You want me to move up further?” He asked and she nodded. He moved his hands to the inner part of her thighs barely touching her core. She placed her hands on his arms trying to move them closer to where they were touching her. He didn’t move making suffer just a little until he moved her panties aside. She jumped when she felt his fingers barely touched her, Ji Su whined wanting him. He slid in one finger and then two after feeling how wet she was for him. His thumb rubbed the most sensitive part of her making her hold back a moan. Pumping his fingers in and out of her slowly was making Ji Su grip his arms, digging her nails through the material of his jacket. She was close and he could feel it as he continued to finger fuck her slowly. Jungkook stopped and removed his fingers before she could release the ultimate bliss.
“Why did you stop?” She asked breathing heavily.
“I don’t want to mess up that makeup and hair of yours. The manger will surely throw a fit and me out.” He said chuckling under his breath.
“So, you are going to make me suffer until tonight?”
“Well how I see it you are going to make me suffer more when I see you walking on stage. Watching your hips move side to side. Who knows, we might just come back here when the show is over if we can’t make it up to the room.” He told her leaning towards her neck where the side braid was covering a mark he was making causing her to grip his arms again.
“The makeup artist won’t be happy if she sees that.” She told him and winced when he bit her. He looked up at her after he licked where he bit her, drawing blood.
“Your hair will be covering it.” He told her placing her down on the ground. Ji Su looked up at him, placing her hand on his pants feeling his member wanting to play. She smiled when she heard him groan as she rubbed it with the material of the pants causing friction. She stopped when his eyes closed. She smiled before walking away.
“You so don’t play far.” She heard him groan.
“You’re the one that started it baby bunny.” She told him before disappearing. Jungkook followed her, but stopped when he heard the manger speaking to Ji Su.
“Where have you been?” the manger asked annoyed.
“Sorry I went for a walk trying to wake up.” Ji Su said.
“Next time tell someone, oh, also tell that boyfriend of yours that he isn’t allowed back here. All the models were swooning over his cute face. It was annoying! Therefore, we don’t allow men back here.” With that said the manger again stomped away still irritated. Ji Su laughed walking back to her seat to finish getting ready.

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