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find previous chapters here You looked around for a figure you found familiar when at the corner you saw a small figure crouched infront of an iced americano with a black hoody and black distressed jeans on and of course matched with a black face mask. He must've noticed you too because he waved for you to come over. You awkwardly smiled when you got to where he was to your surprise he hugged you. No not hugged he embraced you. He snaked his hands around your waist and pulled you in the way he always had when the two of you were dating.  You smiled as he let go and allowed you to sit. He waved at the barista as he came and placed an iced caramel macchiato in front of you,"Extra caramel right?" "Yeah. Wow you remembered." He laughed a little as he took off the mask,"Never really forgot anything that had to do with you. Just a memory of regret that kept playing my head." You took a sip of your drink,"So what'd you think of the song?" You nodded slowly,"It was beautiful...but Yoongi...look I'm not even supposed to be here right now." "Why? Nana told you not to?" You nodded. "Look she thinks that there's a chance I might end up running back to you and--" "Well is there?" You looked at him wide eyed as you cleared your throat to fill the awkward silence that followed the question. "Yoongi..." He shuffled in his seat and held your hands,"Look Y/N I really miss you. I regret everything." "Yoongi YOU left ME remember?" He nodded,"I know and like I said I regret it. Since I left all I can ever think about is the little things you did for me. Like giving me food when I was working on a song too late. Or playing with my hair when we watched movies. Even just you sitting there doing your own thing quietly while I wrote music and then you'd try to distract me with little silly tactics." He laughed a little as he looked up the ceiling,"I don't know why I found it so damn annoying back then. I should've hugged you and kissed you and cherished you but instead I screamed and started an argument." You looked down as your heart clenched at the memories of Yoongi and Y/N. "But thats not us anymore..." He let go of your hand as he saw tears fall from your eyes,"Is it really too late for me to fix everything?" You nodded wiping away the tears, "4 years too late." He nodded,"Makes sense. Can we be friends? Just like before?" You smiled,"I don't know about like before since we have slept with each other but maybe we can still be better friends." The two of you laughed as you looked at your watch,"Oh I have to go. I have to pick up some clothes for the boys." He nodded,"I have to go to anyways. Namjoon's going to kill me knowing I skipped practice to meet you." You laughed as you stood up. "You need to practice your dancing Yoongi. But I'll see you." When you turned around you saw Chanyeol and Irene coming in with Chanyeol's arms wrapped around her waist. You clenched your fists,"Y/N? You okay?" You nodded looking back at Yoongi as you walked out the cafe. You fought whether to go in there and approach him but you were scared. What if you were right and he was cheating? You couldn't go through this again. You shook your head as you walked to the mall nearby. You wanted to trust Chanyeol. You really did but it just happens that when he's ignoring you he's out with Irene? ------------ " Y/N come on maybe they were practicing for their drama together. And it's not like you're any better. You met with Yoongi behind his back." You scoffed," I called him Nana! To ask him for help. He was the one who didn't answer. It's not like he would've made it anyways." "Y/N look both of you are in the wrong. You went to see Yoongi and he went to see Irene just confront each other for it. Because I have my own problems." Before you can reply she got up and locked herself in her room. You weren't sure what was going on. But Nana had been much bitchier than she usually is. Very moody and you knew if you asked she'd get even moodier. ------------- You ran into the building with your heels clicking against the tiles as the sounds of the your bag rolling followed. You had been notified that Nana had taken about a 2 days off work because she was feeling sick. You don't know what was going on with your bestfriend but now you had to come in ealier than usual to dress the boys and do their makeup. You were panting by the time you got into the elevator. You didn't want to get their late because Baekhyun was all about punctuality and if he found our you woke up late after knocking out drinking alcohol. He will be enraged. He never liked you touching alcohol even if you were at that age. You took a deep breath as you opened the door to the dressing room all eyes on you. You cheerfully smiled as you walked to your brother's side not realizing the heavy atmosphere smothering the people in the room,"Okay Baek let's start with..." Your words trailed off as you noticed a giant black eye matched with a busted lip,"What happened?! Baekhyun who the heck gave you this?" His eyes turned into slits as he pointed at Chanyeol who also had a black eye with a matching scratch just above his left eyebrow. "Oh my god babe! Why in the world would you two fight?" You said as you approached Chanyeol watching him flinh as you touched his eye. The room was quiet once again. "Y/N have you gotten online yet its all over Naver and SNS." You gave Minseok a confused look shaking your head as he handed you his phone with an article pulled up. EXO's Chanyeol and RV's Irene Confirmed To Be Dating Maybe you would've ignored these articles if the pictures attached weren't of them kissing. Maybe you would've believed it if you didn't notice that the kiss they shared was in Bighit cafe. You felt your knees go weak but before you hit the ground Baekhyun wrapped his arms around your waist as he helped you on to the seat he was sitting on. "Y/N..." Chanyeol muttered as he slowly walked to you. You shook your head,"No, let's talk after. I'll do your makeup for now. The clothes...they're uh..." You got off the chair as you walked to the big suitcase you put all their outfits in. You were stumbling at your own fert flustered by the news. Its been so long since you felt so cheated and hurt you didn't know what to do or how to act. They were all carefully labeled. You made sure to label the night before. You grabbed a bag with Jongdae's name on them and handed them to Jongin,"This is for you and...and this is for..." They all watched as you shuffled around as tears started to fall from your eyes. "Y/N it's fine we'll find our outfits they're labeled anyways," You nodded as you got up with the makeup kit in your hands,"Okay uhm whos first for makeup?" Baekhyun raised his hands as he sat down on the make up chair. You were lucky that the makeup look was supposed to be a roughed up look so you just had to make the busted lip look fake. The challenging part was covering up the black eye. Baekhyun would flinch everytime you touched it and the last thing you wanted was cause your brother more pain than you already have. You bit your lip as you continued to mindlessly work on Baekhyun's makeup when he grabbed your hands making you look up at his reflection on the mirror. He smiled as he kissed your hand,"It's okay little sis I'll make sure he pays." You laughed,"Idiot you don't need to do anything anymore I got this." You then bent down and hugged him as you kissed his cheek,"I'm done don't mess up my hardwork." He smiled winking at you as he grabbed your cheek as you grabbed his hands and closed your eyes as you felt his lips touch your forehead,"I may tease you alot. But you're my precious little sister I hate when you get hurt." You nodded,"I know but leave this one to me okay?" He nodded as he turned to walk out of the dressing room. As he did so he purposely bumped into Chanyeol glaring at him. You then clapped your hands,"Alright. Who's next?" ------------ ⚜ House Of Disquietude Taglist ⚜ Queens/Kings; @geekywriterabby @Bangtanss @AimeeH @Lexxcisco @SkyBlast @Jaerinn @hskswife @MelissaGarza @SaraDarWish Royalty Family; @AbbyRoscoe @SugaKookieV @LemonLassie @SimplyAwkward @KenyaMendoza @SarahHibbs @EmilyCayetano @twistedPuppy @sarahdarwish If you want to be tagged/untagged please go ahead and ask in the comments below. 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CHANYEOL!!!!! I TRUSTED YOU WHY?!?!?!?! 😢😢😢....but seriously I bet nana is preggo and Chen still doesn't know
Wow Chanyeol!! Really!?? *smh* Hmm...Nana got her own problems huh? *coughs* preggo?!
same i trusted chanyeol smh
I'm so frustrated!!!
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