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Wow they are literally so young in this photo. Always believed they'd get big but who knew they would sweep America across their feet too!! BANGTAN YOU CAN DO IT!!
Even if this is them now
to always give them the space they need and deserve. Seeing Tae being chased by fans broke my heart. The boy
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@ManduBum jungkook
9 months ago·Reply
@simplyawkward He's the one in the red shorts
9 months ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward there's 8 lil buggers there!
9 months ago·Reply
you noticed (; 😂
9 months ago
@ManduBum *squints my eyes again* I think that was supposed to be the eighth member of the group but he left before they debuted
9 months ago·Reply
surprema I think but he came back for cypher pt3 as supreme boi @ManduBum
9 months ago·Reply