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Remember that group I told you guys about a while ago?

Well, they just dropped their debut MV!

They're called 14U (One for You) and I hope they do well <3

Here are the members appearances in the MV:

0:04 Loudi 0:15 Rio 0:19 Gyeongtae 0:27 Eunjae 0:33 Gohyeon 0:36 B.S 0:40 Doyool 0:56 WooJoo 1:21 Hero ( The guy in the middle ) 1:47 Hyunwoong (Middle) 2:40 Dohyuk

Here's their dance cover of Call Me Baby too^^

Oh lovely..another group I'm gonna allow to ruin my life😅😩
but i do like them consider me a stan
Okay first cheeses crust thats a lot of boys... second when i first heard of them i thought the name reminded me of 24k a bit so i was expecting similar concepts third I AM SO GLAD I WAS WRONG CHEESUS
The problem is it's not many of them so there can never be 14U. But we'll all find a bias in the group until we start biasing the entire group. Being a fangirl can be challenging juggling all these handsome idols.
my ratio of boy group stanning to girl group stanning will be in even again with new boy groups ><
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