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Who: Reader x Huang Zitao x Lee Seunghyun x Kim Minjun
What: Smut, Journey, Love
Story: Welcome to The Panda Zoo a club meant to bring fantasies to life and for get about the troubles of life. A step brother, ex boyfriend and your friend with benefits have two things in common the first is you but the second goes much deeper...

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies within us while we live.- Norman Cousins

Y/n's POV

William Barclay said "There are two greats days in a person's life- the day we are born and the day we discover why." Your entire life you lived in a way that was perfect for others but imperfect for yourself. You didn't indulge in the life around you and slowly on the inside you began to die. Becoming someone else's vision of the perfect girl became so exhausting that it was leading you to your end. It was your end that led to your beginning.

You were with Seunghyun, you affectionately called him Seungri or Ri and on ocassion panda. He had a lot of nicknames that you used but only one of them was important and you'll learn why...

You were in bed with him, he held you down it was probably his third time threatening to cuff your hands if you touched him again. Yeah, you two slept together, when it was convient for the both of you. It was a no strings attached kind of thing, which was much better for you than him despite what he thought. His fingers gripped into your side, he rode into your body hard and you had to grip onto the sheets just for something to hold onto.

"Fuck, Ri!"

"Are you ready to come baby?"

"God yes!" you screamed

He drove harder into you, harder and harder, faster and faster. The sound of your slapping skin echoed into the room, his groans were deep and animal like. Seunghyun was a freak by every sense of the word but he certainly made your sex life interesting. He covered your mouth as he continued to drive into you. You moaned loud into his hand as you came violently around him. Say what you wanted about him when you first see him but Seonghyun was a sex god, he knew how to get you there and he made every orgasam more intense than the last. He groaned deeply as he continued to drive into you, his hips bucked unevenly and it wasn't long before he released something that sounded like an animalistic growl when he came. He drove down his high by grinding into you but it got to a point where you were just looking up at him with a small smile on your face. He looked back at you and smiled,

"You're completely fucked out." he laughed.

"Yeah, you fucked up my hair too you ass." you said.

He pulled out of you and you sat up to fix your hair while he slipped off his condom and tied it up before throwing it in the trash can.

"God I hate wearing those stupid things." he said.

"Well considering this is a casual thing you're going to have to wear it when you're fucking me. You bang so many broads I don't want to catch something from you." you joked.

"Are you calling me a slut?"

"You're like the queen of sluts dude. You do realize even though women are called sluts for sleeping around it's really dudes that are sluttier than women." you said.

"How so?" he said putting his hand to his chest to feign offense.

"Oh come on, men constantly hit on women at bars, if they miss one they go for another. They're constantly going to strip clubs or looking for someone to suck their dicks. I'm sorry but us women do not have to try that hard to get laid all we have to do is send you a question mark and your dick is at attention."

He started cracking up and leaned back on the bed. You stood up to collect your clothes and started to get dressed again. He was basking in his nakedness as usual and you had no problem stealing glances at his mighty manhood. You licked your lips before climbing over him again to meet his lips. His hand came to your shoulder and he kissed your intesely. There was something about Seungri's lips that were hard to resist. You pulled away slowly, and regretfully.

"I have to go." you whispered.

"I was hoping you'd stay." he said.

"No we don't do sleepovers anymore remember handsome. That was the rule." you teased.

"Rules are boring the only thing fun about them is breaking them." he said.

"I can agree with you on that one. Still I do have to go there's something's I have to get done. I'll see you later."

"Y/n." he called out to you before you could get out of the bedroom.

You turned around to look at him curiously. He pointed to the dresser drawer,

"Open it. I got you something." he said.

"Oh really? What did you do?" you cocked an eyebrow up.

He just shook his head,

"I just saw it an knew you'd like it. Don't go getting a big head about it." he said.

You laughed as you headed over to the dressser drawer and pulled out a black box and showed it to him to make sure that was what she was talking about. He nodded. You shrugged and opened it up to see a diamond necklace on a chain. It was a lilly your favorite and you couldn't help but smile. You looked down trying to avoid the blush coming to your face. You set the box on the dresser and pulled it out of the case.

"This costs a lot you know. This isn't something you give to a friend with benefits." you said.

"Just take it and stop being stubborn. I'm not taking it back."

"Why did you get it?" you asked.

"I just thought of you when I saw it."

He took the necklace from your and unhooked it. You pulled your hair into a ponytail so he cour reach around your neck and clip it. It hung from your neck beautifully and he seemed to enjoy that fact that it looked beautiful on you. His hand glided under the jewlery slowly before he let it go. He looked back up and turned to look in his drawer again. He pulled out a red envelope and handed it to you.

"What's this?" you asked.

"I'll have someone pick you up around seven tonight so be ready." he said.

"Wait what? Lee Seunghyun what is this?" you asked laughing.

"Remember when you asked me what I did and I told you one day I'd tell you when I'm ready?"

"Oh don't tell me there's a naked photo of you in here." you joked.

He laughed before sitting back on the bed and grabbing his boxers,

"No but you're not too far off." he joked.

You rollled your eyes and turned around to walk out of his bedroom.

"Hey you better be ready and wear something sexy damn it." he called after you.

"Yeah yeah I hear yah." you called back.

You walked out of his room and out the front door. His place was big, you knew he had switched profession but for the past six months he'd been very secretive about it. He had a burst of money coming out of no where so you were wondering what he was going to show you at seven tonight. You got to your car and opened the envelop and looked inside:

Join us at the club of the year
Panda Zoo.
Panda zoo? You chuckled, what the hell was Seunghyun up to? You placed the invitation in the glove compartment of your car and drove off. You were at the hospital where your mother was a nurse. She came to see you while you were coming to get checked on.

"How are you feeling today?" she asked.

"Better, no vomit that's always a good sign."

"Looks like the meds are finally kicking in." she said.

"A bit." you nodded.

She looked about ready to cry though, you smiled and shook your head,

"No don't do that. I'm okay really." you said.

"Have you told any of your friends?" she asked.

"No. They don't need to know."


You chuckled,

"Mom we've been through this. I mean what am I supposed to say to them anyway. Hey did you know that I'm dying? The doctor gives me a year a best six months at it's worse. So just incase you have any last minute things to tell me you should say it now?"

She looked at you with heavy eyes. You sighed, you weren't mad in fact the smile never left you face. You were about to wallow in pitty and hate life and god and the universe and whatever other force was out there because you had a disease that was eating away at you.

"Sometimes the tumor gets small and sometimes it gets really big and the med have kept it at bay so far but neither one of us can afford the surgery or the real treatment I need. So I'll just ride this wave until it dies down." you smiled.

"You could have such a bright life, a family, a husband, a career."

"Momma half the things in my life that I have now was because you and dad tried to shove it down my throat. I've never been freer than I have been in this moment. I've last two years with this thing okay. The clock is ticking and whether I like it or not it's going to hit zero so the only question that remains is what am I going to do with the time I have left?" you said.

"What are you going to do?"

"Live." you simply said with a smile.

She looked at you and you weren't sure if she was trying to figure out how she had a daughter that could completely look at a terrible situation in life and see it as the most wonderful thing ever or if she just thought you were hiding grief. In all honesty, it hurt. Hearing that you didn't have time left, when you got that time slot it felt like your world came crashing down in a instant but then a huge revelation came to you. You could do a lot of living in that time. You could do whatever you wanted without having to look back with regrets and when you left the world you could truly say that for once you lived life instead of setting for what it is. The doctor came in to do the regular normal check up routine for you and then let you go after perscribing you more meds. The medicine didn't kill the tumor, it barely fought it. You had to have him give you a higher dosage. It helped fight it better but again he was just giving you time.

"The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream."  -Kahlil Gibran

You went out to live life how it was supposed to be. You walked down Han bridge and soaked up the beautiful sun. You went for a boat ride and let the wind blow through your hair. You got ice cream and went the carnival and chatted up some teenagers hanging out there with their girlfriends. You just lived in a way that you didn't before. Before you were stuck behind a desk and four walls with one window, watching life pass you by. Your father got you the job and boy was he pissed when you just left it with no warning but it was the best thing you could've ever done for yourself. Even if you were doing it alone, you were doing the things that you had wanted to do when you were sitting at the desk. You even took a trip to Jeju. You had shown Seungri the pictures when you got back. The beach was breath takingly beautiful and the water was clear as the sky. You wouldn't mind that being the place you took your last breath if you had any say in it. You looked at the necklace Seungri gave you. A lilly, that was really cute you liked it a lot but him buying you anything was against the rulse of your little engagement which you only agreed to go into because of your new found thrist for life. You didn't say no to much anymore, you were just doing any and everything you wanted to.

Your mother was the ony one that knew about your sickness and you swore her to never tell anyone about it. She didn't understand why you didn't want to tell the family or your friends but the way you saw it if you kept everyone out of the dark you were sparing them the wasted time of feeling sorry for you. You knew your friends they would treat you like a trauma case and that's not what you wanted. You wanted something more.

You wanted life...

Seven o' clock came and Seungri had kept his word. He sent a car over for you. He asked you about the invitation and you had to go into your car to get it out of the glove compartment and handed it to him. He nodded and led you to a black car. You sat in the back wearing a red wine dress and your brown hair curled and pinned to the side. You went all out and did your make up, you looked like a 50s cabert singer in the US. You were told to take the invitation to the bouncer at the front. This club was amazing, there was a long line going all the way down the side walk and everyone was dressed up fancy. You wondered why you weren't waiting in line but the driver told you to go straight to the bouncer he had empahzied it so clearly so that you couldn't get it wrong. You headed to the bouncer and handed him the invitation. He pulled out some black light stick and waved it over the invitation and the nodded to you that you could go in. You were surprised at how easy that was. He turned to you and said,

"A word of advice, keep that invitation on you. The boss will want you to."

You nodded before walking into the club. You were were right to wear the color red. Red, gold and black seemed to be the theme of the place. There was a few sections where there were tables and chairs. Gold framed for the chair but their seats red velvet. Their table cover was red with a single light in the middle. In some areas that seemed a little more privately sectioned off the floor was black like granite at it's darkest. There was a large stage that you could see from the entrance but you had to walk halfway into the large club just to get to it. You looked at the warm colored lights surrounding the stage and the large that was right on the left of it. You had passed it as you walked over to the stage but the bright lights coming from the bar mixed with the stage lights and made everything seem so vibrant and beautiful.

"Are you impressed?" a voice greeted you from behind.

You turned around and smiled at the tall man infront of you. In a suit of his own, he looked like a boss more than anything. His romantic face reminded you of how sweet he was when you two were together.

"Minjun. What are you doing here?" you asked.

"I work here. Along with a few others you know." he smiled.

"Is that so?"

He nodded,

"One of them invited you."

"So this is what Ri Ri does. The place is absolutely beautiful but I have no idea what goes on in here." you said.

He stepped closer and brought his hand to your necklace. Kim Minjun was your ex boyfriend and everytime he stepped closer to you, you couldn't figure out why you had let him go. Then he'd step away and you'd sober up. You didn't love him you lusted him. He was a romantic and he loved to treat you so sweetly and as much as you loved that you didn't see the point in wasting his affections when you weren't loving him the way he should've been loved. He looked at you with that same loving expression and you couldn't help but feel warm inside. You weren't going to allow him to try and get close again though. His thumb grazed over the lilly Seungri had given you.

"What happens in this place is anything you want. It can be whatever you want it to be. It's an escape to paradise in a sense." he said.

"Escape to paradise, so the stage is for strippers, you have liquor and invite high class customers to get their jollies off of what girls dressed as pandas?" you joked.

"No, we do have male strip shows though. Actually there's one planned tonight make sure you stick around for that. Come with me, I'll show you around."

He held out his hand to you and you took it with a grin so he could lead you.

"I own this place along with Seungri and another. You'll see him later on tonight perhaps when we come back. The main stage is for the entertainment. Sometimes we have artists come and sing, poets, strip shoes. We had a play up there just last week it was factiastic from opening to closing night. It brought in the highest revenue this year. Well for this section at least. Down stairs in an underground casino where gamblers can play black jack, craps, slots anything you can find in a casino you're sure to find downstairs. Upstairs are the bedrooms for all your erotic pleasures." He smiled with suggestion.

"Oh you must have a playroom upstairs for Seungri. That sadistic fucker can get off on some bondage." you retorted.

He laughed,

"You know him well."

"Wait there's actually a playroom. Oh shit, that's something I have to see." you laughed.

"I'd offer but I think he'd rather you wait for him. After all we called you here for a reason." he said.

"A reason?" you mused.

"Of course. Panda Zoo was inspired and created by the thought of you." Minjun said.

You smiled liked he was the idiot,

"Junnie what are you talking about?"

"Well it took sometime but a while ago you said something about a pleasure house. Not something for sex, even if we did included it, but an escape. A haven where people that were untterly fed up with their boring nine to five jobs could come and indulge in fantasy."

"Indulge in sin I believe was the term I used." you chuckled.

"See you remember."

"Yeah I remember I also remember it being a joke and I didn't think that you guys would go do it. I mean this place is awesome don't get me wrong but no way in hell was I serious." you said.

He was leading you back to the bar and offered you a seat while he leaned against the counter,

"The fact of the matter is that this place wouldn't exist without you, joke or not. So we have an offer for you." he said.

"We, as in you and Seungri?"

He nodded.

"And me."

You looked up and saw your step brother Huang Zitao. Your father married his mother. He'd been your step brother for a few years now. You were slightly older than him. His Korean got rough sometimes but it was the only way you two could communicate because he didn't speak English that well and you didn't know Chinese. He had a white shirt on and a black vest right over it with a bow tie. He was wiping out a glass cup before setting it on the bar.

"Tao. You go the baby panda invovled in this. How cute!" you giggled.

"Yah! Noona don't tease me. I helped with this too." he pouted.

You laughed but apologized. Tao made you a drink on the house and you took a sip of it.

"So what is this offer and how does this fantasy land work?" you asked.

"It starts with a card."

You turned to see Seungri coming up behind you right on time. He walked up to you and touched the lily necklace he gave you before kissing you quickly.

"You look hot babe." he said.

"Thank you." you said.

"Your invitation. Do you have?" Seungri asked.

You nodded and handed him the invitation. He took the black light and let it hover over the invitation this time to show you the word.

Seungri looked up and glared at Minjun who smiled at him.

"Paradise is his field." Seungri said.

You laughed. Seungri pocketed the invitation and handed you a card that oddly looked like a tarot card. It had a beach in the background but a women in the front with her hair and her dress blowing in the wind. The word Paradise was below her feet. You looked up at Minjun.

"So you're going to show me Paradise?" you said.

He nodded.

"It's a game." Tao said.

You looked back at Tao curiously.

"One where you three do what? What's the objective?" you asked.

"To please you." he smiled.

You rasied an eyebrow.

"Each time you'll be given a different card. It will be random and sent from one of us but that doesn't necessarily mean that because we delievered it that we're going to be your host for the night. Whatever the card you get we'll take you on that adventure." Seungri said.

"So each time I come I won't know who I get and neither will you three." you asked to clarify.

"No, we won't know until we read it under the black light." Minjun said.

You smiled at that, that was an intresting little game. You chuckled.

"Alright, let's play." you said.

Seungri nodded while Tao took your hand. Minjun cupped your face and kissed your lips deeply while Seungri kissed your neck and Tao kissed the back of your hand. Minjun came off your lips and smiled,

"Welcome to the Zoo." he whispered.

Seungri took his radio and told the men outside to start letting the custmors in. He gave you a final wink before heading off in the opposite direction. Tao looked at the crowd of people coming in and you took one last sip of the drink he had given you. Minjun held his hand out to you. You smiled, they named it Panda zoo because you nicknamed them all as Pandas. That was cute. You were intrested in seeing this little world of theirs. You could forget about your illness and just live in here. You took Minjun's hand,

"Allow me to show you Paradise." he said with a little bow.

You smiled and he led you away from the bar.

Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not- Stephen King

You were going to enjoy your life before time took it all.

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