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What are my trees doing?!??

안녕하세요 친구!!

Hello my lovely Tinkerbells and soon to be Tinkerbells!
I miss you!!
P.S: I'm still dead from BAP oppas concert so......
But just wanted to drop this here and explore your minds as to what's happening trees..
Why are they such a tease!??!?!


Pretty much an accurate description of these trees.

안녕 팅커벨!

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darn you inseong 😂😂😂
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he got caught cheating on heejun lolol
7 months ago
omo Sol, I saw them on weekly idol and they are such trees! compared to Astro! Omg i was like this is why Sol calls them trees
7 months ago·Reply
Lol I'm telling you!!! they sooo are and beautiful trees too
7 months ago