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Just yesterday, 14U had debuted with their song called "Very Very Very" and today SF9 released their comeback and mv "Easy Love."
Bit of information on 14U: 14U had been doing promotions in Japan since predebut. They are separated into two subunits, 14U-X and 14Y-L. And now we were all waiting for the debut to finally happen and it just did! Our goal is to get them to 150k so please help us get them to that goal!

SF9 had debuted October 5th, 2016. had first partic d in D.O.B with a Band team called Neoz Band, who are now known as HONE . Their first mini album was "Feeling Sensational", had released a single that had been from their webtoon drama "Click your Heart" that single is "So Beaut ". They then released their ep "Burning Sen " and today their second mini album "Breaking Sensation" is out!