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Hello everyone!!

Like I said with Sandeul Thursday, this week we're showing you all the members in suits!!! I don't even know how I'm surviving through this week!

I'm sorry I'm late!! I was suppose to post this card yesterday, but I lost track of time and blah blah blah...Either way!! I'm posting it today!! So don't hate me;;

Please accept sexy Gongchan in sexy suits as my punishment and apology~

Wow....Just gorgeous and sexy and aldfjak;ndla;f dalfkdja;fdsjl;!!!! He's so beautiful!!!!!! He's definitely in the line up for my ultimate bias~

My heartu~ How am I suppose to go to sleep now without him invading my dreams!?

Wait...That wouldn't be so bad to be honest~ cX

All I can say is....Sweet dreams BANAnas~ Sweet dreams of the gorgeous maknae~

And I will see you all next Sunday C; Hopefully actually on Sunday next time;;

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He is the cutest maknea.
He looks really good in a suit.