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class is doing a research project that has to be on any of your interest and how it relates to power (power in any sense like $$$, connections, social economic
tus, regulations, technology etc). So for interest
was thinking about doing something with kpop but
think of any good [research] ques
on how to relate kpop. I was thinking maybe something like "How does Sm entertainment make a profit off of their artist?" or something to do with Gangnam style and the amount of views it has/ recognition it got but idk how to make that into a questions and I feel like there could be better questions out there so if anyone had any ideas whatsoever that I
use, it'd be very appreciative!😬💕
It'll probably be a little boring but you can figure out how the hallyu wave is boosting korea's economy. Even about how China's ban is affecting hallyu profits. Could also see how much hallyu contributes to the economy and if it's recent popularity is increasing the tourism industry. I know before Korea wasn't a popular tourist destination in the states but now it is. Just some thoughts. I'm a weirdo that likes research projects
kpop influences tourism, fashion trends, bring in money to the economy, and just gets people talking about Korea really....Kpop can get people interested in the language and or culture. Tourist sometimes after visit even wish to become permanent members of Korea, some people wish to be kpop stars or other types of hallyu stars.