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Serene silence filled the walls of the college library, the soft turn of pages seemed like the only sound that wasn’t a bother to the comforting silence. Folding one of your legs over another, you adjusted yourself on the hard chair before you heard a stressed sigh.

Returning your attention to the dark words one the lighter page, you managed to read another line or two before you heard the same sigh this time it was mixed with a low growl. Hushed shushes came from the other students, lifting your eyes up over the spine of your book, you looked around seeing the usual studious students.

However, as you scanned your surroundings, you noticed a student that didn’t fit within the
atmosphere. Lowering your book, your eyes read the symbol printed on his white snap back hat that sat slightly turned on his head, a black cord hung down from his ear dangling against his grey t shirt with a black design on the chest. Following his strong shoulders down to his arms, then the desk in front of him, he tapped his pencil harshly against the lined notebook while his other hand lifted and covered his eyes. Biting his lip harshly, you lowered your book until the spine tapped quietly against the table, slipping your bookmark into your book you watched the stranger a little longer. His hand dropped from his eyes just to bend the pages of his text book as he flipped the pages loudly trying to complete his assignment.

Several struggled sighs left his lips before you stood to your feet, gathering the books you brought in your arms, you slowly walked over to his table and strained your eyes to read the subject that was typed at the top of his textbook. Discovering that you had taken that class last year, you approached his table and cleared your throat quietly..

The brown eyes of the stranger lifted, following your arm up to your stack of books between your arms then to your eyes.

“Would you like some help? I took this course last year~” You asked in hushed tones, blinking his eyes a few times, he licked his lips while moving his eyes away from you.

“Some help would be great” He replied thankfully, nodding your head, a smile grew on your lips while you pulled out a wood chair across from him. Placing your books on the table top, you leaned over while he pushed the book and assignment your way.

“If you can’t help, I understand” He whispered while watching you with hopeful eyes while you looked it over.

“I am sure I can help a little” You flipped the text book over a few pages and turned it around so that he could see as you explained what he had to do to the best that you could.

Hours ticked by as the two of you were making progress on his assignment, the sun started to descend in the sky, shadows began to grow on the tables as the two of you worked on the last question. The night sky overcame the vibrant colors of the sunset, watching his hand write down the explanation to the last problem, you smiled and pulled your books in front of you.

Setting down his yellow pencil, he closed the text book with a thump before he looked up at you, his chocolate eyes peering into yours.

“Thank you so much, I wouldn’t have finished this assignment without you” He sincerely bowed to you before looking up at you once more.

“You are welcome, I am really glad that I was able to help” You started to stand up as he stood up with you. “I’m _____ by the way”

“I’m Hanbin, thank you for all of your help” He bowed to you slightly. A smile curled onto your lips as you nodded softly at him.

“I hope you have a good rest of your night” You lifted your books into your arms.

“You too” Hanbin felt his cheeks blush a little with a small smile curling onto his pink lips before it started to fade. “Wait” He stepped towards you seeing you head for the front doors.
“W-Would you mind if I w-walked you home? I don’t want you to go home in the dark…”

Fiddling with his fingers, he watched you turn back towards him.

“You don’t need to” You turned towards him slightly

“Please… it is the least I could do” He reached out gently and wrapped his hand loosely around your arm.

“Okay” You nodded your head, with a smile instantly growing on his face, he turned around, packing up his things, he pulled his black sweater over his arms before hoisting his backpack onto his shoulders.

Walking back over to you, the two of you headed to your dorm. Making small talk and eventually carrying a decent conversation, the two of you laughed together before arriving at your doorstep.

“Thank you for walking me home” You smiled at him

“Thanks for your help” He chuckled softly feeling his heart beat faster from just your presence.

Punching in the code to your dorm, he heard the chime of your door as he watched you head inside.

“Hey, d-do you think that I can ask you for help again?” Hanbin gently rubbed the back of his neck before shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Sure, you can find me in the library. I pretty much live in there” You chuckle knowing you spend more time in the library than you do anywhere else.

“Okay, I am sure I will see you again then” He smiled at you, nodding his head a little.

“I’ll look forward to it” You smiled, blushing slightly as you held the door once you were all the way inside.

“Have a good night, _____” He bowed to you slightly as you bid him a good night too. Watching the door close in his face, he let out a deep breath trying to calm his racing heart. Heading back to his dorm he entertained himself with thoughts of you running through his mind. Standing with your back pressed against the door, you tried to calm your racing heart at the cute freshman that you had just met.

The rest of the semester came and went quicker than anyone had ever expected. With you meeting with Hanbin pretty much everyday, the two of you quickly became close friends.
Another late night of studying kept you two together past dark while studying for finals as you decided to step out of your comfort zone.

“Hanbin?” You cooed softly, looking around the library to see if anyone else was here

“What’s up?” He questioned, continuing to write the last few words in the sentence.

“H-Here” You stuttered a little while sliding over a little card that you had made him.

Lifting his eyes, he peered down at the note then up into your eyes.

“What is this?” He reached out, picking up the note between his fingers

“Just something…” You dropped your eyes, letting your hands play with each other in your lap.
Hearing the note open, you gulped hard while you could hear his eyes rolling over the words.

“______, I don’t know what to say” He whispered quietly, your eyes lifted as you shook your head slightly.

“You don’t have to say anything but I thought I should let you know that I have had a crush on you and enjoyed tutoring you” You lifted your eyes to meet his.

“This sounds crazy… but, I have a crush on you too” He confessed gently reaching his hand across the table, the soft taps of his rings hitting the table caused you to blink and bring you back to reality.

Silence settled between the two of you, quietly the two of you exchanged  glances to one another. Lifting your hands to the table top, he gently slid his hand over yours.

“Want to go get some ice cream with me?” He asked softly, his thumb gently caressing your fingers slowly.

“Like a date?” You questioned, your eyes widening

“Y-Yeah…” He blushed, biting his lower lip causing your heart to do a flip or two in your chest.

A chance is worth taking if it is with you~