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“Jagiya, look there is another one~” Hanbin pressed his finger against the screen of his laptop as another comment posted underneath iKON’s music video.

Your eyes read the comment as you smiled seeing the fangirls say how much they love each members along with the random letters and star stuck gazes that the smiley faces had on their faces after their messages.

“You guys are popular” You smiled and wrapped your arm around his as your hear rested against his strong shoulder.

“We just started, we can’t be that popular” He smiled and leaned into you slightly while turning the laptop so you could see it better while he scrolled down to see more comments.
“Are you ready to go Hanbin?” Bobby questioned as Hanbin slowly looked around to see his fellow members all dressed up nicely.

“Where are we going?” He questioned completely forgetting about the party that they agreed to go to.
“Remember… last night we promised that we would go to this party” Chanwoo pulled his black sweater down as his hands slipped into his pockets of his pants.

“I’ll get changed, just wait for me!” Hanbin stood up and placed the laptop on your lap while your eyes looked up at him as you just sat there confused. Your eyes followed him almost to his bedroom door before you peeped his name, catching his attention while his hand slowly withdrew from the handle of his door.
“A-A-Ah right…” He stutters slightly forgetting that you were still here, “I think I am going to skip tonight guys…”

“Why?” Donghyuk questions

“She can come too~!” Junhoe chimes in as Hanbin looks back at you with bright eyes.

“Go on without me, I don’t feel like a party tonight” You replied while your fingers clicked on a few things on his computer as the guys looked at each other with confused eyes.

“I’ll stay too, you guys go have fun” Hanbin made his way back to the couch as the other members nodded and filed out of the apartment slowly, grabbing their coats and shoes on the way out.
Once the click of the door rang through the quiet apartment, you let out a small sigh as Hanbin’s eyes began to torture you to break the silence.

“You could have gone, you know” You told him as your eyes read some more comments on the fan site that you were on while your teeth gently pulled some skin from the side of your nail..

“I go to enough parties” He confessed with a breathy chuckle lining his words as your eyes slowly turned to see him playing with his fingers that rested in his lap.

“Hanbin…” You shifted the computer off of your lap as you stood up and moved around his legs while making your way to the kitchen, “Don’t let all of the fame and parties get to your head in the future, okay?”
Knitting his eye brows together, his body turning so he could face you while he watched your form move around the kitchen to grab a glass then pour some water into the clear glass, he hummed slightly confused as to what you were trying to hint at. “Jagi, is something bothering you?”
“N-No” You stuttered quietly while you pressed the glass to your lips

“Ah, don’t think that I can’t see past when you stutter” He stood up and slowly walked over to you, “What’s wrong hrmm?”

“Well… now that you debuted, there will be a lot more things you have to deal with” You started, setting your glass down on the counter top while your fingers tightly gripped the clear glass in your hold.

“And…” He probed, coming closer to you with every meticulously slow step he took.

“What if you don’t have time to call your family?” You glanced up at him

“I am sure I will make time, even if I have to stay up” His eyes started to peel away your emotions with his intense gaze.
“What if you get a lot of hate mail from fans?” You questioned, shifting from one foot to another.

“Then I will make them take back the words that they sent me and show them that I am who I want to be and their hate and bad comments will only push me to the stars” He stopped just a few inches from you, his hand gently outstretched and rested on your lower arm.

“What if… what if…” The words lodged in your throat as you took a deep breath and closed your eyes for a moment, your heart dropped slowly until it hit the pit of your stomach.

“What if…” Hanbin probed slowly seeing you become slightly uncomfortable.

“What if you forget about me… or you get too big headed and cocky?” You sped up the last part to try and cover what you really wanted to ask him.
Yet knowing you for so long, he saw right through your little antics. 

“Jagiya, ______, yeobo” He cooed all of the names that he knew you loved to be called as his other hand slid across your cheek and tipped your head upwards slightly. “Listen to me, I could never forget you, I will never grow a big head and get cocky, do you know why?”

Shaking your head, your eyes stayed locked on his while his thumb slowly brushed over your blushing cheek.

“Why?” You whispered quietly

“Because… I love you and your love keeps me grounded to who I really am, so I will never loose sight of myself” He reassures you, your head gently nods as he leans up and presses his lips against your forehead.
“Do you want to go to the party so I can show you off to all of the crazy fangirls?” He questions pulling away with a playful smile pulling on his lips.

“It would be my pleasure” You smile and quickly kiss his lips before taking his hand as he takes you out to the car that was waiting for the two of you to go to the party.