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Hands on the clock slowly crept along the white face of your watch while you slowly trudged up the last flight of stairs up to your quaint apartment. Looking down at the last stair, your feet slowly moved across the carpeted hallway before your body turned to face the door of your apartment. Running your hand through your hair, you pushed the password into your lock before it rang with a soft chime. Twisting the handle and pushing it open, your dark apartment welcomed you home, the subtle smell of freshly bought flowers drifted through the open space.
Shutting the door quietly behind you, another chime locked the door while your feet slowly slid out of your shoes. Your socked feet slowly shuffled across the hardwood throughout your place, moving quietly to the kitchen, you lifted your purse from your shoulder and placed it on the island on your way to the fridge.
Opening the door weakly, the brightly light filled the area around you while your eyes searched for the leftovers from the other night. Pulling the carton from one of the many shelves you stepped over to the microwave. Punching in an estimated cooking time, you let the food warm up while you placed your purse next to your coat rack and headed to the bedroom to change into some bed shorts and a cute tightly comfortable, long sleeved top with a deep scoop neck. 

Passing the table, your eyes caught the fresh flowers standing proudly in your favorite vase. A tired smile pulled on your lips, taking a moment to lean over the table and smell the flowers, you quietly hummed at the sweet scent of freshly cut flowers. The beep of the microwave sounded soon after, trotting over to the microwave you popped the door open. Pulling out the warmed dinner, you carefully stirred the contents around before you tasted it to see if the food was warm enough.
Settling yourself down on one of the table’s chairs, your eyes slowly followed each petal of the flowers that sat in the middle of the table. After some time, your mind wondered to where your husband could be, finishing up your dinner, you walked over to the sink and washed the Tupperware. Your eyes scanned the living room, wondering where the love of your life could be.
Some shuffling of cushions was heard from the couch, placing the freshly washed dishes back in their proper place, you turned off the lights as you exited the kitchen. Investigating the sound, you rounded the back of the couch to find your husband fast asleep against the leather couch. Once your eyes fell on his sleeping figure your tired lips gently curled up into a smile against your exhausted face.
Padding over to the side of the couch, your eyes watched his chest slowly rise and fall, his head rested against a pillow leaning against the arm of the couch. A disheveled blanket fell over parts of his body, with some navy blue pajama pants covering his bottom half, a tighter grey tee was slightly lifted over his stomach to show his belly button peeking out from under the fabric.
Thinking that nothing could be better than cuddling with your husband after this long day, you carefully eased yourself down and moved your body on top of his. Cautiously, you wrapped your arms around his torso as your head slowly lowered onto his chest. With your legs slowly tangling with his, your eyes fell shut once you heard the familiar thump of his heart inside his chest.
The rise and fall of his chest began to soothe and calm you while his heart eased your worries and took you away from all of the stress at work. Time ticked by slowly, allowing your body to relax onto his, you began to fall asleep once you felt your day slowly melt away.
Haneul’s body slightly shifted under yours, feeling the new weight on top of him, his eyes slowly fluttered opened. The tired brown orbs of his slowly peeked out from under his eye lids to fall upon your sleeping face. Tightening your arms just slightly around his body caused him to smile, lifting his tired arms, he slowly slid them around your waist. Watching your face slowly relax, he smiled sleepily while his hands slowly roamed your back.
Hearing a hum slip from your lips, one hand of his stayed at the small of your back while the other one lifted and gently tucked the ends of your hair behind your ear. Leaning forward, his pink lips gently pressed against your skin, placing several soft kisses across your face one after the other, he squeezed you a little in your arms. Nuzzling your head against him, he hummed and adjusted himself so he could tuck your head underneath his chin. 

Roaming your back and sides with his hands, he subtly massaged your back as another hum escaped your lips. Slowly slipping his fingers underneath your shirt, he smiled and let his eyes slide closed while his warm skin ghosted over yours. The sweet intimate moment lasted all night as the two of you unwound from your busy, stressful jobs in each other arms.