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Pungent antiseptics and latex gloved filled your olfactory sensors while you padded across the clean tile floors. Pressing the button next to the elevator, you stood back and clasped your hands around the handle of your purse.
“Morning” A kind voice called behind you as a figure stood beside you, a smile playing on his lips while his brown eyes looked into yours.
“Hey Heechul” You gave him a warm smile, trying not to be too friendly as the ding came from the elevator. Stepping inside, you pressed the button of the floor of the break room to change for your nursing shift for the day.
“Ready for our shift today?” He questioned softly watching the elevator doors close in front of you.
“Hopefully” You replied shortly, trying to be pleasant but not wanting to make a conversation out of it.

“Are you a little tongue tied around me?” He chuckled, his eyes running up your form before letting his gaze linger on your face, especially your eyes.

“Why do you say something like that?” You questioned, your heart picking up it’s pace as you moved past him once the doors opened, a second ding signaling that you had arrived on your destined floor.
“Because you like me” Heechul sang allowing his lips pull to one side of his lips more than the other, showing you his handsome smolder while sticking to your hip as the two of you headed towards the break room door.

Scoffing, you laughed lightly while moving past him, “Me like you? That’s laughable.”

Pushing open the door, you went to your locker, twisting your lock one direction than the other and then once more, you pulled the lock from your locker and pulled your shirt off as a tank top remained underneath. Pulling over your scrubs, Heechul changed behind you, catching glaces wondering if you were teasing or serious.

Gathering your hair into a ponytail, you tied it off with a hair tie before closing and locking your locker. Looking over your shoulder, you saw Heechul lock his locker as well before both of your phones sounded. Swiftly pulling out your phones you watched as the message blinked across the screen.
“Ready?” Heechul questioned seeing the message as well. Nodding your head, the two of you ran out of the break room and out to the ambulance that just pulled up in the overhang.
Critical patient after critical patient rolled out of the never ending stream of ambulances.
Filling up all of the Emergency room booths, all of the interns and doctors were called on hand to tend to the patients. Pulling from the Pediatrics department as well, you gathered up vitals and worked with the superficial wounds, trying to clean them and to realign broken bones and dislocations.
Hours slipped by like minutes, one by one the patients got the tests and medical attention the desperately needed. Walking slowly, you rested your hands on your hips once you wrapped your stethoscope around your neck and closed your eyes for a few steps.
Grabbing a drink from the nearby water fountain, you shuffled down the hallway to give yourself a little break. Heading back to your department, you continued your rounds as you gathered some charts to look them over and to see what else needs to be done.

“That was fun” Heechul remarked as you flipped open a chart, your eyes wondering over the information.

“It was kinda nice to shake it up for sure” You told him, humming softly afterwards, your eyes lifting up a moment to catch his eyes on you. “What?”

“N-Nothing, just… would you come and see this patient with me?” He turned the chart around, you took it from his grasp while looking over the vitals.

“What seems to be the matter?” You questioned not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

“This little boy doesn’t seem to like males so I was wondering… since you are a girl and all…” Rubbing his neck nervously, you closed the chart and handed it back to him.

“Lead the way, Doctor” You giggled

“Yah!” He scolded you before getting super quiet, “I am not a doctor, yet”

“Yet is the key word” You teased as he pushed you before heading off towards the bay where this little boy was resting in his bed.

“Hey Buddy” Heechul greeted, pulling the curtain back so that you could enter as well.

“No!” The little boy adamantly stated, his arms folding over his body, his lips pursing and his head shaking from side to side.

“We just want to help you” Heechul said with a smile as he rolled over a chair and sat on it before lifting the light from his coat pocket.

“NO!” The boy called louder as you watched his interaction, predicting where they were going to lead. Watching the two of them spin their wheels and get no where, you decided to lend him some help.
“Can I go and get you a balloon?” You questioned catching the little boy off guard.

“D-Do you have a blue one?” The little boy questioned softly, softer than any other word he had said before. Nodding your head, he smiled giving you the queue to get him a balloon.
Returning a few short minutes later, you tied the balloon to the rail of his bed before checking his machines and writing down the vitals.
“Thank you Noona” He pulled the balloon down and started looking through it with a smile, trying out his surroundings through the blue tint of the balloon. “Can I have Noona as my doctor…. I don’t like Hyung…”

Heechul’s eyes shot up to you as you looked over at him, hoping he isn’t hurt from the child’s words.

“He is your doctor, I can stay here and hold your hand while he looks you over. I promise he won’t hurt you” You reassured the little boy as he looked up at you. Tucking some hair behind your ear and eased yourself down on the edge of his bed, your hand laying palm up on your leg for him to take when he is ready.

“Okay,,,” His little hand slid into yours as you wrapped your larger hand around his.
With that simple touch, Heechul tried again. This time Heechul was able to touch the little boy, getting all of the vitals, putting in an IV and examining him for his injuries.
“See that wasn’t so bad” You smiled petting his hair gently once Heechul was done with his exam.

“It was bad, but you made it better Noona” He smiled at you, you smiled at him, “I’m Daelynn Lee” He introduced himself as Heechul quickly jotted down his name on the chart.

“I will be back to check on you a little later, but you have to promise me to be nice to Dr. Kim when he comes in and checks on you” You looked into his large brown eyes.

“Okay…” Daelynn agreed, his head gently nodding up and down slowly, understanding the terms.
“No screaming, biting, or kicking either?” Heechul interjected

“Fine” He huffed, standing up, you let his hand go before making him comfortable, then taking your leave with Heechul.

“Good luck with him in the future” You patted his shoulder before you slipped behind the curtain of the next patient over to check her fluids and vitals.
Later that day, the curtain opened on Daelynn’s bay where his bed was placed. The little boy’s eyes looked up to see you slip through the curtains.

“Hey buddy” You whispered to him softly

“Hey Noona” He smiled back brightly and waved at you. “What are you doing in here?”

“I came to change your fluids and to write down some numbers” You smile as you quickly did what you told him and sat on the chair. “Can I get you anything?”

“I’m bored…” He sighs, playing with the race car blanket that was draped over his lap.

“I’ll go and try to find something for you to do” You patted his leg gently, “Meanwhile you should try and go to sleep, it is getting a little late and you are going to go on a trip tomorrow?”

“What trip?” He questioned, sitting up being excited

“You’ll see” You sang before leaving his area with a sad smile on your lips, knowing that he is going to have surgery to fix a deformity on one of his organs.
A little while later, you rummaged around to find a stuffed animal and some car books that he could read. Coming over to the nurses’ station, you set the things down on the high counter as you saw a few more patients that needed fluids changed.

“Who is that for?” Heechul snatched the teddy bear from on top of the books, looking over the fuzzy creature.
“Daelynn” You looked over some more charts before putting some away that were finished for the day.

“Are you trying to give him more things to torture me with?” Heechul looked through the books as you giggled.

“You figured out my plan” You whined, pouting towards him as he hissed. “Actually… would you mind giving them to him, I have a few more patients to check on”

“Sure” Heechul smiled brightly, his heart beating faster at the request you presented to him

“Thank you Dr. Kim” You spun on your heels and headed down the hall to one of the nearby rooms to check on a patient that just returned from surgery.
Heechul watched you leave, his eyes drinking in your form, the way your ponytail swung to one side then the other, your arms holding the chart close to you as your scrubs covered your form flawlessly. Gathering the books and teddy bear in his hands, he approached Daelynn’s bed.

“Knock knock” Heechul called with a smile, pulling away the curtains, hoping to find a sleeping boy.

“Go away” He huffed, Heechul sighed

“I brought something for you…” Heechul tightened his grip on the bear and books behind his back.

“I don’t want it…” Daelynn looked down while his arms still crossed over his chest.

“Noona will be really sad if she finds out you don’t want her gifts…” Heechul began to turn away, “Maybe I should keep them instead?”

“No!” Daelynn called sternly, “I-If it is from Noona, I will take it” His voice tappered off and got quiet, his eyes lifting to Heechul for a moment before dropping back down.

Heechul stepped inside, letting the curtain close behind him before taking his seat, spreading out the presents on the edge of the bed.
“Did she really get me all of this?” Daelynn picked up a book and the teddy bear.

“She did, she didn’t want you to be bored” Heechul observed the little boy, a smile pulled on his lips every time you were brought up.
“Can you… can you tell her thank you for me?” Daelynn grasped the paws of the bear, letting his fingers brush over the soft fur covering the bear.
“Of course” Heechul nodded with a smile as he stood up, preparing to leave.

“Doctor?” Daelynn’s soft voice called after Heechul.

“Hrmmm?” Heechul turned around, ready for anything.
“Noona said I was going on a trip tomorrow… where am I going?” He asked curiously, making eye contact with Heechul for the first time since he was admitted.

“Well we are going to fix you, so you don’t hurt anymore. Then you can go play with your friends and watch movies and be with your family.” Heechul smiled gently while explaining it as nicely as he could.

“Ah okay” He nodded, understanding a little more. “Doctor?”

“Yes?” Heechul smiled, happy to have this much interaction with the patient.

“Is Noona going to come on the trip with me?” He probed, his question sincere.

“She will be there” Heechul smiled brightly, nodding his head as his cheeks started to get a
little rosy.

“You like her… don’t you?” Daelynn remarked out loud just as you passed by the curtain. Your feet froze as you leaned towards the blue green curtain, wondering who he was talking to and what ‘her’ he was referring to.

“I do, but she doesn’t seem to notice…” Heechul’s voice lifted from behind the curtain, falling
on your ears causing your heart to skip a beat.

“I am sure she notices, maybe you just need to be nice to her” Daelynn replied innocently.

“I am nice to her” Heechul scoffed, placing his hands on his hips.

“Mhmmm, yeah… sure” Daelynn rolled his eyes, his words dripping sarcasm.
“You haven’t even told her thank you…”

Daelynn’s last words caught Heechul off guard as the boy’s words struck a cord with him.
“Sleep tight, you have to get some sleep for the trip tomorrow” Heechul turned off the overhead light before pulling the curtain aside. Stepping out, his eyes landed on you at the nurses’ station filling out some paperwork.
Heechul composed himself before joining you at the nurses’ station. Clearing his throat, he leaned against the counter top as your eyes were still glued to the paperwork you were filling out.

“Daelynn says thank you” He told you, watching you closely as your eyes lifted and turned to him.

“Oh?” You smiled as your mind turned back to the bear and the books. “It was no problem.

A thumping in your chest increased as the heat from your cheeks began to grow. feeling the churning in your stomach you knew that this was only one thing. A crush was forming.
“I was wondering if you wanted to scrub in on Daelynn’s surgery?” Heechul’s eyes observed your reaction as your eyes met his.
“Seriously? Even though I am just a nurse?” You questioned

“You are training to be an intern, I don’t see a harm in having an extra set of hands” He shrugged his shoulders as you beamed at the opportunity before you.

“I would love to!” You smiled brightly, brighter than he has ever seen you smile before.
“Tomorrow nine in the morning, be there or be square”

Nine in the morning rolled around, walking into Daelynn’s room, you began to ready him for surgery.
“Did you have any fun dreams, Daelynn?” You questioned, transferring his fluids to a portable stand.

“No… thank you for the teddy bear and books Noona” He told you sincerely.
“It was no problem, just remind me to come and listen to you read one of these times” You smiled before the curtain opened, Heechul walked in with a few other doctors in tow.

“Are you ready Daelynn?” Heechul questioned, leaning over to be eye level with the boy. His head nodded slowly as you patted his shoulder letting him know it was okay.
“We will meet you soon” Heechul smiled as Daelynn reached out, grabbing his scrubs and tugging on them.

“What is it?” Heechul questioned highly concerned. Daelynn pulled him over closer to him so that he can whisper in his ear.

“Tell her that you like her” He whispered with a smile causing Heechul to flush pink. His not so soft words traveled as you heard them clear as day, yet you pretended like you didn’t.

“Don’t worry, your teddy can come in with you” He winked at Daelynn, a smile curled on his
lips before waving then leaving the curtain open.
“Ready to go on a little ride?” You questioned, lifting the rails on his bed while other nurses surrounded the bed. Daelynn nodded gently as you and a few other nurses pushed him down to the designated operating room.

Getting him all set, you let held his hand as they had him count back down from ten as the sedation set in. Heading off to the wash room, you washed your hands and arms, preparing for surgery.

Heechul stood by one of the faucets, his arms lathered in a iodine soap, most of his face hidden behind a mask, his beautiful hair tucked back under a surgical cap. Turning on the water, you snapped your mind out of your thoughts as you began washing thoroughly.

“You heard what he said didn’t you?” Heechul interjected

“Isn’t it obvious?” You chuckled, keeping your eyes on your hands.

“What’s obvious?” He probed wondering if you actually knew.

“That Daelynn likes you. I heard it from the source after all” You smiled teasing him, your eyes watching Heechul laugh a little.

“I guess you did hear” He smiled and turned off the water before walking behind you.
Following behind him, you both entered into the room as the nurses fitted you with gowns and gloves before the two of you started the procedure.

Tired physically and mentally, everyone finished up, suturing up his wound and carefully pushing him into recovery. Taking off your gown and gloves, you helped them clean up the
Operating room before heading back out to make your rounds.

“Do you have a minute?” Heechul caught you in the hall as you were walking back to your ward.

“I’ll give you a minute” You smiled, the two of you keeping pace with one another.

“You know… you heard Daelynn wrong back there… he wasn’t talking about him liking me” Heechul nervously spun the ring around his thumb.

“I was pretty convinced it was you” You smiled, glancing at him for a moment or two

“He was talking about Dr. Kim liking Noona” Your steps halted instantly as you heard this, he turned around and looked at you in the eyes.

“Is there another Dr. Kim?” You tilted your head in confusion

“Just me” He blushed harder, his tongue running over his dry lips.

“Kids make up the silliest things” You smiled and moved past him.

“What if it was true?” He posed as you stopped in your tracks again, turning around slowly to look over your shoulder at him.

“What?” You questioned wanting him to repeat it.

“What if Dr. Kim Heechul liked Nurse ____ ______?” He whispered softly just so that you could hear. “Would Nurse ______ have anything to tell Dr. Kim Heechul?” He added nervously.

“Well if you were asking this question to Nurse ______ earlier, she would have laughed but things have changed” You smiled at him before heading towards the nurses’ station to pick up some charts.

Heechul wondered over to Daelynn’s bedside, sitting down gently and taking Daelynn’s small hand into his. Walking in, your eyes laid on the sweet moment before you collected your numbers before Heechul stood up.

“I want to ask this question… if I may?” Heechul tread lightly with his words as you nodded letting him go on, “I know you didn’t like me before, but because you said things have changed… does that mean that you l-like me?”

“Maybe” You hummed, shrugging your shoulders not trying to make it a big deal.

“That means yes” Daelynn whispered hoarsely, causing both of your eyes to snap down to his form.

“Does it now?” Heechul took out his light and checked his pupil reflex as you checked his heartbeat, your hand hesitantly moving over Heechul’s hand and then resting on top of it.

“It does”