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I want everyone to be happy. Even if you being happy kills me, I want that for you. I will take your problems, your fears, your heartache, and I will carry them like I was Atlas. Because when I look around and I see you being sad it makes me sad, then we're both sad and that's no good. So if I have to crawl over shards of glass and rusty nails with you on my back so that you don't have to be sad, the warmth from your happiness will distract me from the blood loss. If you get up shits creeks without a paddle I will dive into alligator infested waters to push you to safety, and know that you made it out will numb the pain. And if you ever feel alone I will stay up all night until my organs start to shut down just so that you know that you will never be without a friend. It isn't that my life has no value I just value your life so much, and I would break every rule, cross every line, and defy every law to give your life value. Even when I'm old and on my death bed I would take my own life to tell everyone who had given up that I'm sorry I wasn't there for them, and that everyone loved you so much and they still do. Because to me, my life is important because your life is important, and I would do anything if I could prove it to you. I just really want everyone to be happy.