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LCFHC Free Entry Registration Form by Sandy Ahn
Hello, I am Sandy Ahn, the topline leader of A12 Global Group of LCFHC! You can meet with me at the facebook group named "LCFHC Platform Business Group" I have been running,  and also at our telegram super group chat room:telegram.me/lcfcoin By filling out this form below, I would be your direct sponsor or I could assign a sponsor for you in our A12 Global Group! I would try to give you your new Username and Password in 48 hours as far as you filled out all the fields below correctly! I would contact you through your whatsapp or email after registration for you. This form will be valid until June 25, 2017! Please grab your free entry bonus points of US$1,380, AND GROW YOUR OWN BUSINESS with me! My contacts: whatsapp: +821022534121 email: sandyahn002@gmail.com FREE ENTRY REQUEST FORM https://goo.gl/forms/vCLxwIS4jS8xMYYA2
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I have registered
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and change the preset password
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