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Hello guys! As all of you may know I love Love Live! School Idol Fes
! Well today
sharing with you that yet again one of another event has started! And I'
here going to give you info of how to play Token event songs and what you can get during this event

Earn Event Points and Win Great Rewards

Token songs are played
you have in your Live Show.

To Earn Event Pts

You collect event Tokens while playing your live show songs. They will appear in the little notes and once you tap them it starts counting of how
have collected!
You can use those Event tokens to play certain songs for this event (click B Side songs) and you will see the song that
can play
the tokens

To Receive Event Rewards

Achievement - Earn certain amount of points to quality Ranking - Your Ranking depends on
total amount of Event Pts you Collected Score Ranking - Rank High in the Score Ranking of the Event Song
a Event Ranking button. When you click that you can check out where
These are
. So here you can track where you are and how much further you need to collect SR cards that are in the event.
the SR card we get is Eli so
have to reach up to 1100 points to get her.
all you need to know how to play! If you guys actually want me to give tips out of
certain phone games (if I have played them) I would love to make cards like that for you! Hope
all have a good