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Hello everyone~ So for this week, I thought I'd help you all get to know the cutie Minhyuk!~ The light of my life~ What a better way to kick us off?

• Full Name: Lee Minhyuk (이민혁)

• Position: Vocalist, Moodmaker (Sunshine of the group~)

• Birthday: November 3rd, 1993

• Height: 178.8cm (5'10")

• Hometown: Gwangju, South Korea
• Not much is known about Minhyuk pre debut, but he has a few videos from that time!

• Here is his Gangnam Style Cover!

• Here is another beautiful cover he did~

• I have included a video that allows you to see Minhyuk's vocal color, an excerpt from No.Mercy!

• King of Selfies!!1!!!

• Also King of Sweater Paws can u believe :')

• He's perhaps the brightest ray of sunshine to ever be known??,?,,,??

• I can only assume that being friends w/ him/ being around him in general is like always being hugged

• Bc have u seen that video where he wakes up Jooheon and also the one where he hangs out with the group of elderly women and also the one where he plays with kids bc that's when he's in his element

• He's in his element when he's either doting on his friends or doing something nice for others in general like???? he might actually be an angel I'm not kidding

• He might be a serious contender for Dad of the Year and he doesn't even have kids???

• Sunshine!!!1!1!!!1

• Stop me now or this card will be endless bye

• Minhyuk has a little brother~

• He grew up in Seoul, but he learned to speak in satori from his parents~

• Minhyuk’s mother is a former volleyball player. He said that she is very tall and that he took after her!

• His group members said he’s the soul of the group, the one who keeps the atmosphere bright with his jokes.

• He wears corrective glasses!

• He cannot swim.
• He’s difficult to wake up.

• He doesn’t like hearing that he’s cute, but he prefers hearing that he’s sexy.

• He’s most confident in his lips.

• He starred in “High-end Crush” (2015)

• He would like to learn acoustic guitar, because he thinks it would go well with his husky voice.

That's all for this week! Thanks for tuning in~ I hope to see you next time! Please forgive me if you don't agree with my description of his personality, as it's simply how I interpret him to be, not necessarily how he is.

If you have any questions, relating to Minhyuk, Monsta X, or otherwise, feel free to leave them in the comments section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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He's a very cute beagle.
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