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Morning Fam^^

Here is the new cover for the novel!!

I wanted to change it so I really like this one XD (Plus since Taeyeon is technically Avri in the story it works out perfectly!)
Anywho, I hope you all enjoy the chapter!! ;)

Need a recap? Or new to the story? I gotchu~

WARNING!: There is mild language in the chapter but it isn't too bad. Just wanted to give a heads up!

Day 15 | Friends

It was at this moment that I was thankful for my paranoia. I had memorized the directions to Taehyung's farm after Jimin told me. I pestered him none stop about it and he finally gave them to me. I repeated the directions internally wanting to have it engraved in case something like this happened. And thank goodness I did.

We had been driving for an hour already and when I looked back to see how Bomi and Jung-Yoon were doing, they were both passed out. Krystal had still been quiet the whole ride and I was wondering whether or not I should talk to her. We did just go through a hell of an experience so maybe it would be better to leave her alone. But of course, I asked anyways.

"Krystal," I piped, glancing over to her. She turned to look at me, her face almost lifeless. 


"A-Are you okay?" I asked, trying to tread lightly on the subject. She smiled at me and quietly nodded.

"Yeah, I think I am just spooked is all. It all happened so fast it is only now that I am really processing what happened," She explained, finally turning to look towards the front with me. I nodded in response, understanding completely. 

"Well if you need to talk about it I am here Krystal," I said, trying to flash her my best smile but it came out more creepy than I expected. She laughed a little at that, covering her mouth with her hands as she did so.

"Okay, please never smile like that again. That was hella scary," She stated, making me laugh as well. "But thank you. It really means a lot to hear you say that. Really," She said, starting to tear up. 

"Of course. We are all together in this, zombies and everything." I responded.
"Well I am here for you too, Avri. I know you obviously can't talk to Jimin about everything so just know I am here to listen as well, okay?" She asked, making me tear up as well. I never really had any friends that were girls growing up. I was always more of a tomboy and was better friends with guys. Girls always hated that and therefore I was excluded a lot. Jimin is the only real close friend I have had and would always stand up for me. Not that I don't love our relationship but it's not like I could talk about crushes or girl things with him. So hearing this from Krystal was almost like a dream come true. Even if the situation we are in is total crap.

"I will Krystal. Thank you," I replied, trying to hold in my tears. The last thing I wanted to do was to cry over something silly like this so I tried my best to squeeze them back in. 

But what I didn't know at the time was that Krystal was keeping something from everyone, not knowing exactly how to share it with the group. It would only be later when we realized that there would be a big change coming our way.


After driving for another two hours, we finally came across the farm. I drove slowly, trying to scout out the place before heading in. The last thing we need is to go inside and for it to be overrun with walkers. 

Looking clear, I drove in through the dirt road in the front and parked behind the car outside the house. It was much bigger than I expected, having what almost looked like 10 acres of land. The house was three stories tall and there was even a barn in the back, holding animals that could be heard from the car.

It was almost like this place was untouched by everything that happened. It was almost like it was too good to be true.

As we parked, I gently woke up Jung-Yoon and Bomi, letting them know that we have arrived. We all started to climb out of the car, still looking around at the huge place before us.

At the sound of the car doors closing, lights immediately turned on in the house, and two people appeared before us. One was an older woman, but by no means weak. She was holding a gun in her hands and looked like she could kick some ass. The other was a boy about my age with dark brown hair and looked more frightened than the other. 

"Who's there?!" The lady yelled, pointing the gun towards us.

"A-Ah, my name is Avri and we are friends of Jimin!" I responded, thinking that this was the best answer I could come up with at the time. She slowly lowered the gun as the boy came running towards me.

"Jimin?! Where? Where is he?" He asked, looking around in the car and circling the group. 

"He is... on the way with the rest of our group." I answered, not really lying. I just hoped they were coming.

"Why is it just you two with the little ones?" The lady questioned, coming down from the porch to get a closer look at us.

"We got separated from the rest of the group and after Jimin talked about this place, we decided that it would be a safe place to go if anything every happened," Krystal piped, speaking up for the first time. The older woman raised an eyebrow, intrigued.

"Y-Yes, we are sorry to intrude on you but is it alright to stay here at least until the rest of the group gets here?" I asked, fumbling with my hands. The lady was very frightening, way different compared to her grandson. She looked over the four of us, and sighed.

"I don't see why not," She answered, making me feel relieved. "Just you will have to work for it. Food and everything." She said, being stern with her response. 

"Sure! Anything we can do," I said, urging the others to nod as well. She then clapped her hands together, startling us.

"All right then, well since it is so late, let's call it a night and get started bright and early tomorrow! I hope you guys don't mind be cramped. We have a few others with us as well," She started as she headed back into the house, the boy trailing behind her. 

"Anything is great," I said, following after with the other three. We headed up the stairs and were put into one room for the four of us. There were a good amount of rooms in the house but I could only assume that they were all occupied since we were all crammed into one. 

It was a long night and I couldn't fall asleep. I was up replaying what happened over and over again and hoping that the rest were okay. 

OMOOO. What do you think happened to the others? And who are the other people on the farm?!

Guess we will have to find out... ;)
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"We are all together in this" ~WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!~ *mumbles the rest of High School Musical* I hope the others make it to the farm safely.
Yay!! More characters and it's getting so intense!! I hope the rest of the group makes it there safely xc
GGGAAAHHHH!!!!! Why you leave a cliffhanger!!!!!!
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