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Gah I'm sorry it's been a while since I posted, I just finally finished it after the holiday. sadly this is the end but I took peoples advice so its a long chapter lol. I hope you've all enjoyed the story.
Chapter 8 I woke up disoriented and confused. I thought I fell asleep at the bar, but I was home and in my bed. I double checked to make sure it was my bed. There was a garbage can next to the bed and my eyes had to have been deceiving me as I saw Jimin sitting on the floor watching me. My body stilled as I stared at him. “I'm still dreaming” I declared closing my eyes. “what makes you think that?” His voice was hoarse as he spoke making it seem even more like a dream. “You're not really here” I sighed falling back into my pillows. “You're sadly mistaken” Jimin stated. “Well than shit” I cursed keeping my eyes closer and the night replayed. I got super drunk last night, told the bartender everything. Than I realized, he heard some of the last bit about my fears. I cursed again. “Remember last night yet?” Jimin asked. “No” I groaned hoping he didn't catch the lie. “Than I'll just wait until you do” he stated. Jimin stayed silent for a while it was so quiet I was falling back asleep. “Grace you still with me?” Jimin whispered. “I wish” I chuckled at the irony of that statement. “Do you?” His words were solid making me wake up again. I really shouldn't be having this kind of discussion when I was basically asleep. “I missed us” I said. “Grace your so fucking stupid” he said. “How did we get here?” Jimin sighed. I could hear how tired he was in his voice “ We fucked up with this arrangement” I said sitting up and looking over at him. “Heh, Namjoon said something like that to me too” Jimin said. “Jimin, is there any possible way to go back to being friends?” My voice broke on the words as they got stuck in my throat. . . . For a beat I didn't think he would answer. Than he did. “No” Jimin said. “I thought so” I sighed trying to hold back tears. “Gah this is so much worse than the first time I lost you” I mumbled to myself. My head fell forward and my hair covered my face. “I can't just be your friend, things changed Grace” Jimin said. I could hear him moving, getting up from the ground. The bed shifted as he sat down. His hand came out brushing the hair out of my face and cupping my cheek. “You broke my heart Grace” his tone was soft but the words stung. “I didn't mean too” I said. “I broke mine too” I added. “I wish we could move forward, forget this ever happened” he said, my eyes shifted up to finally look at him, he looked so sad, so lost. “We can't though” he exhaled. “Why not?” I pouted. “Because your never going to get over your fear of commitment” he stated. I drew in a breath “You knew?” I was shocked. “It doesn't take a genius to know that” he gave a look like I was an idiot. “well shit. I feel like the last to know” I said generally surprised. Gah, Jimin knew me better than I did. “Seriously, when was the last time you had a boyfriend” Jimin questioned. “Hmm i don't know” I tried thinking on that. “The 3 years we've been friends you never once had a boyfriend, a couple one night flings, but that was it” he said. “Hmm, I did have that guy I saw for 5 months right after we became friends again.” I remembered that. “Once a week for breakfast  for an hour Grace, that's not a relationship, that's barely friendship” Jimin groaned. “I'm an idiot.” His head went into his hands at the realization, “Hmm, okay so I've never really had a real relationship” I was confused on where he was going with this. “And here I am expecting you to be a normal girl, when hearing I love you, you would run into my arms and we would start dating like normal people” his words came out rushed, as If he was talking to himself rather than me. “Uhm, I'm not normal” I agreed. “That's what you focus on when hearing that?” He gave me a playful glare which put a smile on my face. “Well no duh, I heard it all, but I totally am agreeing with your I'm not normal” I grinned at him. “Oh Grace, no your not. This is the second time I've confessed and you've completely ignored it” he said “Hmm not entirely.” I hummed. “I'm just processing the words slowly” I said as I stared at him. I put my hands on either side of his face so he had to look at me, when his eyes settled on me, I smiled at him. “Jimin, I'm chicken shit scared, i was scared that I would fuck it up if we acted like a real couple, I was scared as shit when you confessed out of the blue and wanted to, what was the word? Woo me? Yea I was scared for change. But the minute you walked out the door my heart broke knowing I would never see you again, knowing I fucked this up. Jimin you didn't, you knew that the minute I started talking after you confessed . . . the first time. I fucked this up Jimin, you didn't” I gave my speech, getting it all out there in the open. I hadn't even needed a shot of liquid courage, okay it would have help because I was shaking with fear I said too much. Jimin just gazed at me. “Yes, Grace, you fucked this up” Jimin said at last, agreeing with me. “I'm glad we both agree” I nodded. “Friends?” I asked. “No” he said clearly. “I said that before. Things changed Grace. I don't see you as just a friend. Stop trying to friend zone me” he pulled away from my touch. “Ah, I got it.” It hurt, but I should have known. “No, you clearly don't. Even after I confessed again, your still just saying friends. Grace you have a screw loose in that head of yours” he shook his head. “That I do. So tell me, what are we going to do now?” I asked him. “Well one thing is for sure, we're not friends Grace, and we're not fuck buddies anymore” he stated. “Okay” I said slowly. “Than what? Disappear from each others lives?” I asked. “Is that what you want?” Jimin questioned “Not really” I shrugged. “Than let's try something new” he turned to look at me, his hand finding mine and his fingers lacing with mine. “Try and date each other” he said. Date?! What?! Someone else having a say over what I do? Creating schedules to abide by. Commitment to another person. My head swirled at the idea. I tried not letting it show. “I know your freaking out in your head Grace” Jimin sighed. “Gracie, it's me, Jiminie cricket, I know you, better than yourself. If you let me we can face this fear of yours head on, together” his voice was soothing as he spoke. “Jimin, I suck at making time out of my life for others” I started out hesitantly. “You always make time for me” he shook his head dismissing that. “Besides I barge in on you all the time” he added. “I suck at scedules” I said. “Yes that's what a cellphone is for. They have this little app called calendar-” I chuckled cutting him off. “I know that Jimin. But I suck at keeping to them” I said. “And I run late” he shrugged “I think we can counter each other out with that one” he dismissed. “I don't like being told what to do and when to do it” I said which brought a sly grin to his face. “I think we both know how wrong that line is” he stated, his hands pulled my body closer to his by our joined hands. “Cause when I say come, you always do” his lips were a breath away. “Well, I can't argue that” I said sweetly just before his lips covered mine. “Anything else to say?” He asked breaking the kiss. “Jimin, make love to me” I said, a smile spread across his lips matching mine. “My pleasure” he said. His fingers wrapped around my hair as he tugged my face closer for another kiss. My hands roamed to his back holding onto him. Somehow I ended up on my back with Jimin on top of me, my shirt had come off in the process and I was taking his off. “Eager aren't you” Jimin grinned as he slid his hands down my body and lowering my pants leaving me there naked in front of him. His hand went between my legs and touched me feeling the dampness there. “Jimin, ah Jimin touch me more” I instructed “Your so wet, so pent up” his face was devilish as he looked up my body as me with that ‘I'm going to eat you’ grin. Which was exactly what he did next. I was tossing and turning, my hands wrapped in his soft hair, so close, I was burning. I was at the edge of an orgasm when I tugged at his hair for him to stop “Jimin I need you” I groaned. “So soft. I need to be inside you” Jimin said his voice was sweet and he was panting as he moved up my body, his panting in my ear as he thrust into me so smoothly. Hips bucking Jimin moved rhythmically until he lost control. “god I've missed this” he groaned as his arms tightened around me. “Grace” he groaned my name as he came and body went with him. It was fast and hard and left me exhausted. When I came to Jimin was laying next to me breathing slowly. my head was in the crock of his neck and I was feeling whole like this. “That was the fastest we've done” I commented absently. jimin's chest vibrated as he chuckled. “It was good though right?” He asked Now making me chuckle “Yes Jimin, it was good” I said. “What? Just good? Not fantastic? Mind numbing? World shattering?” He threw out adjectives to use instead of ‘good’ which made me chuckle “All of the above Jimin” I moved myself so I could look at him. “Anything with you is” I said staring into his eyes. After a moment he made an adorable face at me. “Thank you for the compliment” Jimin said which in turned made me laugh. We laid there for a while before either of us spoke. “Things are going to change Gracie, for the better” Jimin said. “So does this mean we're dating?” I asked. “Yes Grace we are” Jimin nodded. “Okay, than can we be lovers Rather than boyfriend/girlfriend? Those terms seem more for high school kids than adults” I rambled which made him laugh. “You can call us anything you want, as long as your mine” Jimin said.


I hope you all liked it and please keep a look out. there will be an epilogue to the story :)

THE FEELS ARE SOOOOOOO STRONG ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ). I was off to bed but saw the notification and couldn't help myself 。^‿^。. I love this so much too bad it came to an end. it's such a great story I can't with it 😍😍😍😍😍😍(well all your stories are and they always leave me emotionally wrecked) can't wait for the next story and epilogue for this one ヽ(´▽`)/
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Well Done!!! I enjoyed everything!
It was so great!!!