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I'm so sorry for not to many issues I couldn't write....but finally here I am with an update for you all.

"Eliza!" Belle whispered screamed smacking her friends arm.


"That guy is so cute!" Belle made a head gesture towards a guy sitting in a chair.

"Oh...I want to stare but you know what happened last time I stared at someone too long."

"Haha oh my gosh yeah he got scared and tried to hide...but the look on your face was so funny and scary at the same time." Belle said laughing harder as she finished the sentence.

"I thought I knew him " Eliza answered with a pout.

"It didn't help that after you stopped staring I looked and did the same thing to him and got the same reaction."

"Ahh we are two peas in a pod." Eliza said glancing at the guy now.

"Why are you staring at that guy." A familiar voice said behind the two. They spun around and saw four guys standing behind them.

"What are you guys doing here? What happens if someone notices" Eliza said pulling there masks back up.

"Like this doesn't draw attention." Tae said standing next to Belle.

"Let's go get other things. " Belle giggled as she pulled Tae and Jimin away from the others.

"Hey wait up." J-Hope said and ran after the 3.

"Well I guess it's just us for now." Jin said patting Eliza's head.

"It's ok."

"Now back at what I asked earlier, why were you staring at that guy?" he pointed to the guy who was still sitting down.

"He's cute."

"Well I'm handsome stare at me!"

"Trust me I do!" she blurted out then covered her mouth in shock.

Jin smiled

"That's good to know." he stared at Eliza for a bit longer before pulling her into the Disney store.


"Oh my Gosh! they have him?" Belle asked out loud looking through a pile of socks.

"Who are you looking for?" Jimin asked

"Me?" Tae questioned.

"I already have you and Jimin. And 2 of Kookie."

"Why do you have 2 of me?" Belle turned around and saw Kookie had also decided to go shopping. Jhope was standing behind him.

"Simple you are my bias....and...the first pair I put a hole in them."

"How can I help you?" the lady in the store asked.

"Do you have any J-Hope socks?" Belle asked.

"Oh we just got them in today. Only 2 pairs." she went into a drawer and pulled out 2 pairs of Jhope socks. Belle squealed and calmly took a pair.

"Do you have anymore Kookies?"

"Oh yeah there's one left" she said and handed it to Belle.

"Thank you!" Belle said excitedly

After they had finally moved away from the store Kookie stepped up next to Belle.

"Why another one of me?"

"Oh just in case I rip the other pair I have, then I'll have a backup." She smiled

"Cute." he whispered

"Oh my gosh. I have all of BTS! I caught them all" Belle finally realized and squealed in excitement.

"What?" Jhope asked with a laugh

"My socks were like pokemon...I finally got them all and J-Hope was the rarest of all." she did a thumbs up to him. He couldn't help but smile at how cute she was being.

"I'm glad you are that excited over me." he smiled.

Another boy was getting a little jealous of the attention Jhope was giving Belle and the way they were acting. But he wasn't going to say anything. Not yet at least.
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I'm glad you ate that excited over me." 😂😂😂 you eat that excitement over j hope. lol. oh gosh. and yes scenario totally took place and learned lessoned of staring to long at people lol 😁😂😂
Yay for a new chapter! Teehee, I had such a hard time deciding who's socks to wear to the Anaheim concerts. Joonie was a must, but I got to go both days and wanted to share the love! 😂😂😂
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haha yeah I need to get the rest of exo and got 7 I think I only need 3 of got7