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So apparently turns out the photo below is fake at the time I had no idea that it was it just irritated me to know that this could be how he feels. Jungkook has expressed multiple times on how he feels expecially when othersput hate on the older boys, it hurts him. and maybe there is some truth to the photo below on how he does feel when he has so many parts and he feels bad that he's taking all these parts when he knows somebody else is more suited for the part that he takes. so even if it is fake please don't spread but we still need to protect this baby bunny . each and one of these boys, all 7 of them have a charm that puts that we all love.
I don't know why some Armies have to complain about Jungkook having to many parts. it's just how things are done that us Armies have no control over. Just think how Jungkook feels when he is told to do this and that. He has NO CONTROL over it even if has a say he doesn't have control. I love these boys equally and they are important to me along with everyone who is an ARMY. So please protect this Baby Bunny.
You guys know this is fake right? Plz don't spread it πŸ™‚
ok sorry didn't know it was fake. but it still makes me feel irritated that someone would do this.
I heard that was a fake... though it made me think that maybe there is some truth to it
same im so shock that jungkook feels that way about us army but what i dont understand is y does there have to be negative towards do boys it sucks that jungkook has to be hurt becuz of this noone deserves this πŸ˜±πŸ˜•πŸ˜―