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love Rin and Haru from Free!!!
? Any ships~?
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10 out of 10 drawing right there. 😉
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I love all the ships and I love your drawing
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Lol thank you and same but I think Rin and Haru are the best personality xD
9 months ago
Love Free!
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My favourite is my male counterpart (Haru).
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I think my favorite ships were the dynamics of the friendships, how devoted Matoko was to Haru but at the same time he was inspired by him and wanted to race and push him to follow his dreams. Also Rei's growth in the group and how he involves himself with Harus problems because he really cares about his friends and wants to understand and help!
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Awwwww I love how you said the @AngelicaElsen
9 months ago