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a werewolf boy
https://www.facebook.com/illusfik http://blog.naver.com/illusfik 'a werewolf boy' (pen, pencil, color pencil, oil pastel, water color, digital collage) illustrated by aiyan(illusfik)
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This is so great! Thanks for sharing ^^
4 years ago·Reply
@leegloria22 your comment makes me cheer :) thank u!
4 years ago·Reply
Is this based on the korean movie "werewolf boy" ?? the rural setting and the title reminds me of that wonderful movie :)
4 years ago·Reply
@bitbybit that's right! I love that movie. :)
4 years ago·Reply
@illusfik hehehe I knew it!! >< Glad to see another person appreciating that movie around here ^^ Keep 'em coming! :D
4 years ago·Reply