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The warm summer sun beat down, creating a hot environment for everyone outside. With your air conditioner and your fan broke, you put on your swimsuit as you thought that nothing would be better than running through the water, but you were an adult and there were things to do. So you settled with washing your car. With the spray that would bounce off the car you knew that it would cool you off more than just sitting around. Slipping one of Himchan’s big shirts over your swimsuit, you headed outside as you pulled your hair up into a ponytail.

Hooking up the hose, you put on a spray nozzle as you poured some soap into a bucket and filled the rest up with water, making the sudsy bubbles almost overfill the bucket.
Lifting up the bucket, you pulled the hose along as you made sure everything was rolled up and closed before you started washing your car. Spraying the car off first, the mist hit your skin as you smiled at how good the cold water felt.

Rising your car, you grabbed your sponge as you got some of your soapy water and began to wash from the front to the back then on the other side. Taking your time, you had a cd player outside as you were playing some of your favorite songs to try and keep you company.
Taking a stroll in his tight tank top and shorts, Himchan decided to walk to your house, just to see how you were doing since it was too hot for practice today.

Turning around the corner, he saw you with his shirt on and a bigger smile couldn’t have been on his face. While you washed the top of your car, the hem of his shirt lifted so that your swimsuit peeked out from under his shirt. Licking his lips, he felt a blush burn on his cheeks as he rubbed his forehead.

Watching you for a few minutes, he made up his mind that he should go say hi to his girlfriend. Carefully walking up to you, he placed his warms hands over your eyes as you just smiled and moved your wet, soapy hands on top of his.

“Guess who?” He whispered in your ear as shivers ran down your spine.

“Hmmmmmmm, let me think. Zelo?” You said as you really knew who it was.

“Guess again~” He cooed as he moved closer to you.

“Jongup? Youngjae?” You said with a smile as he pressed his chest against your back.

“Do you not remember?” He kissed your head as you began to blush.

“Hello, my boyfriend Himchanie” You giggled as you turned around in his arms.

“Finally.” He joked around as he pretended to be disappointed. “What are you doing, beauty?”
“Just washing my car, trying to beat the heat.” You said as you moved from his arms and dunked your sponge back into the water.

“Need some help?” He stayed close to you as his arm snaked around your waist.

“Only if you want to.” You smiled at him before he dunked another sponge into the water, scrubbing the car, you watched his muscles glisten under the sun as you began to feel flustered.

Noticing the songs you were playing, he smiled from ear to ear as he sang his parts, causing you to smile.

Once the car was all suds-ed up. Himchan grabbed the hose and turned the spray nozzle to a different setting as he sprayed it in the air over you. Feeling the cool droplets on your skin you opened your mouth and looked up as he smiled at you.

“You said you were hot.” He said with a chuckle brimming his words as you ran around the car and grabbed a sponge and threw it at him, hitting him on the chest as the water made the thin tank top stick to his skin.

“Oh is that how it is going to be?” He cooed as you ran away squealing, turning it to the Jet setting, he sprayed your backside as you laughed and squealed into the air as you took cover behind the car. Setting the hose down, he picked up the bucket and walked around the car and dumped it on your head as you ran away from him and grabbed the hose.

Pushing your hair out of your face, he laughed at your wet figure as your swimsuit was showing through the thin shirt as he held up his hands in defeat. Pulling the trigger, you squirted him and his eyes closed as his hands tried to advert the constant spray of water, letting the trigger go. He was soaked as he smirked at you.

“This means war!” He took off his tank top and flashed his muscles as you turned away with blush coming on your cheeks. Another bucket was filled with water as he threw it and it splashed on you.

“Open your eyes baby, get me back!” He called as you were determined to get him back, squirting the hose in his direction. He ducked behind the car as you ran around the car and finally got him. With his hair wet, he flipped his hair up and both of you ran around under the
hot sun with a water fight on your hands.

The sun began to set as you laid out on the grass as he finished rising off your car. Once he finished, he laid next to you as you watched the colors form and fade in the sky as they were replaced by stars and a black backdrop.

Himchan’s arm gently wrapped around you as he held you close, rested your head on his bare chest you just smiled and watched the stars dance with the mood.

“Thank you for helping me beat the heat today.” You mumbled as your fingers played with his.

“Thank you for wearing my shirt and for getting me wet.” He teased as he kissed your wet hair and rested his head on yours. Enjoying the cool night as you both found the best way to beat the heat, together.