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[These are just loosely based off of what I would want with Namjoon. You can imagine what you would want! You guys should totally put some suggestions, ideas, and preferences in the comments! I would love to read them!]
• Clothes shopping with Namjoon.
Just imagine how nice your wardrobe would be if he helped you with your clothes. You would look so good every day if he picked out your outfits.
•Super cute dates with Namjoon.
You would go to really nice places and drink really good coffee. Because coffee is amazing and it's necessary to sustain life.
•Travelling with Namjoon.
Namjoon would take you everywhere. He would take aesthetically pleasing photos with you. You would look super cute together.
•Sharing a hotel room with Namjoon.
Honestly guys, I like hotels for whatever reason. Maybe it's because it's a new place with the intention of being on a vacation. I don't really know. But being anywhere with Namjoon would be magical~
•Getting cute gifts from Namjoon.
Getting gifts is nice, but getting gifts from Namjoon? Amazing. Beautiful. It wouldn't really matter what it was, you would love it because it was from him.♡
•Songs for you from Namjoon.
I mean come on. He has to write songs for you. He loves you too much not to! He would write these songs because he can't stop thinking about you. These songs are your favorite because you can feel every drop of love for you he put into it.

•Eating with Namjoon.
Because who wouldn't want to stuff their face full of tacos with Namjoon?

I really hope you guys enjoyed this card! I had a lot of fun making it. Namjoon is just so lovely♡♡


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He makes my heart go boom boom. Did anyone get the reference? 😂😂
@MsLoyalHeart omg 😂😂😂
This is so cuuutteeeee 😍😍😍
i have waaaay to many pics of rapmon
Awww so cute !!! ♡