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안녕하세요 친구!!

Yes welcome back my lovely orange Changjos and soon to be orange Changjos!!
It's your Andy mod supporter here 이솔다!

Let me tell you the short version of how AnJin came about...

once upon a time, there was this rookie group in the making....and they were hosting dance practice during lunch time
So young Andy realized he was going to be late...he rushed to the practice room where soon to be leader Eric was already scolding at another member aka Junjin. So he made both of them to do the train dance with him

And since that wasn't enough and life was cruel, the choreographer paired Junjin and Andy together for the classical dance practice
Junjin kept staring at Andy and thought what a cutie he during their break decided to ask him to hang out together
Because that's not awkward
But what shocked Junjin the most was that Andy said yes....hence his falling and catching by Andy himself
Debut came along and both were chosen to form part of the orange family. Yay! 'Hanging out' night came near but postponed due to all of the promotions but with each promotion a beautiful bond started to develop
The first kiss came and then their synchronized connection of being together was in play: selcas and just noticing each other

And then, Junjin became more open with his affection towards Andy..

And even Andy started to notice him more during the activities and programming

So Junjin took the plunge and started to show more of his rock towards Andy, no stopping him then nor now.
Seriously though, Junjin your love is very expressed for our Andy, sir.
Just wth, ese??!?!!

And thus, the happy love dance bloomed
In the end, this was how AnJin ship came to be.


Hope you enjoyed how AnJin ship came to be

안녕 my fellow orange Changjos and soon to be orange Changjos!! See you next time.