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A full moon hung in the sky, illuminating as much as it could through the passing clouds, the moonbeams lightly cast through a large window in a master bedroom then resting on a beautiful duvet overlaying two bodies pressed against each other. A soft hum came from the body next to you while your husbands’ warm breath slowly brushed over the nape of your neck, his strong arms tightened around you while deep in sleep. Soft crackling noises came over the baby monitor that stood on the side table next to your bed, after a little while a whining cry came from the nursery over the baby monitor. Hearing your baby whine for you, your hand raised up to your eyes rubbing the lightly while your other hand unhooked your husbands’ arms from around you.

“I got them this shift” Himchan whispered in his deep sleepy voice as his gentle hand gently brought you back to bed.

“You sure?” You yawned rolling onto your back while your eyes began to slowly close again.

“Positive, I will let you know if I need anything” Pressing his soft lips against your forehead, he lifted the covers back up on your body, while your head lightly nodded against the pillow.

Feeling the bed shift under you, Himchan turned down the volume of the baby monitor before making his way out the door being sure to close the door right behind him. Shuffling down the hallway to the nursery, he opened the pure white door as the whining cry turned into a desperate one. Rubbing the palm of his hand along his eye, he moseyed over to one of the three cribs in the room, checking on each baby, he found which one was crying and carefully reached down to the small body that was rocked with sobs.
“Baby girl, what is wrong?” He cooed lifting up the smallest baby of the three into his arms, cradling the baby in his arms; picking up a blanket, he placed it over his shoulder then moved out of the room trying to bounce her a little.

Slowly moving to the kitchen, he flipped on a few dim lights to see his little princess in her pink onesie continuing to cry in his arms. Moving the small body in his arms, he rested her head against his blanketed shoulder as he rubbed her back soothingly as she started to calm down slightly. Pulling a premade bottle from the fridge, Himchan placed the bottle in the microwave and started warming the bottle to the right temperature. Softly, he started to sing against her little black hairs standing up from her scalp, hearing her settle down a little he bounced her lightly as the microwave beeped. Pulling the bottle from the microwave, he shifted his little girl from his shoulder to his arms, quickly wrapping the blanket around her; he guided the lukewarm bottle between her two pink lips.
A few whines spilled from her lips before she settled down and started to drink from the bottle, her little hands opened and closed while her beautiful sparkling eyes peered up at him. A smile slowly curled on the proud father’s lips watching his little girl’s eyes try to stay open. The tiny fingers slipped across the bottle, her once active legs settled down and her tense body relaxed in his arms.
Bringing his lips to her head, he pressed them against her soft skin while continue to rock her from side to side. The small pink lips stopped moving against the bottle eventually as her head lulled into his chest; slowly he moved the bottle from her mouth and placed it in the sink as he carefully pulled the edges of the blanket around her and rocked her lovingly for a little while before slowly moving back to her room to place her back in her crib.

Once she was settled in her crib, Himchan carefully checked on the boys making sure they had everything they need for the moment. Shuffling quietly out of the room, he closed the door slightly and bidding them a silent goodnight before pushing open the door to the master bedroom quietly. Watching you adjust under the sheets, he turned up the volume on the monitor a little before pulling back the covers and lying back in bed next to you.

“Who was it?” You mumbled in your sleep, your words a little labored

“Taylor, she was just hungry” He whispered softly before rolling over closer to you, slipping his arm in the dip of your side, he brushed your stomach with the tips of his fingers as his chest pressed against your back.
Bringing his other hand up, he slowly tucked your hair behind your ear, your warm skin raised a concern to your husband. Pressing the back of his hand against your neck then your forehead, he felt your clammy skin as he sat up and leaned on his elbow.

“How do you feel love?” He whispered feeling the extremely warm heat spill from your body

“C-Cold” You mumbled as you were too tired to open your eyes still, rolling over, Himchan flipped on his bedside lamp and then looked back over at you to see your skin coated in sweat.
Pulling the blankets off of you, he carefully lifted your head and placed another pillow under your head as he then got a bowl of cool water and a cloth and started to try and cool you down by dabbing the cool water against your burning skin.  Hums and whines spilled from your lips, your head turning to the cool cloth in bliss, feeling a thermometer slip into your lips and you held it under your tongue until the timer beeped.
“You have a fever, love” He whispered reading the digital numbers on the thermometer, petting back your hair gently as he continued to pat your skin with the cool cloth. “You should just rest; I will take care of the babies”

“I can’t put that all on you, three babies is a lot” You opened your eyes slowly to see the concern in his eyes.

“It is a little bit but I don’t want them sick and you need to rest to get better” He says running the cloth over your forehead and down your cheeks.

“O-Okay” You hesitantly agreed sliding your eyes closed soaking in the cool temperature of the cloth.

After cooling you down for a while, Himchan rested next to you, holding your hand making sure you had everything you needed and that you were happy. Right when he was about to fall asleep a cry came from the nursery, standing up to his feet slowly, he slipped on a tank top and sleepily padded into the nursery to find one of the boys crying loudly.

“Himyun, you have to be quiet bud” He whispered picking up his son and holding him in his arms a stench surrounded the little one giving Himchan a large clue as to what the boy needed.
Grabbing a diaper and the wipes, the two boys headed outside to the living room so they wouldn’t wake the other two.
Laying out a blanket on the floor, Himchan laid the little boy on the ground and undressed him so he could change his stinky diaper. Expertly changing him, he dressed him again and then played with him a little while a smile curled onto his tiny lips. A few minutes later, another cry emerged from the nursery, getting to his feet; he smiled seeing the eldest boy of the triplets with his eyes open and his hand in his mouth.

“Why were you crying Himun?” He smiled down at his eldest child leaning against the railing of the crib. Himchan watched his son for a moment before the baby’s face contorted into a crying face, “Do you not feel good?” Himchan dragged his fingers along Himun’s cheeks to try and feel for a fever the baby pushed his fist back into his mouth.
“Is something in your mouth?” He worried out loud slipping his large finger into the baby’s mouth after taking out his fist. Feeling around in the slick, wet mouth, he found a ran his fingers along the gums as Himun whined but once Himchan ran his finger over the right spot he sighed and wrapped his tiny hands around his fathers’ hand trying to keep it in place.

“Why don’t we let your sister sleep and you can come out with me, oh?” Himchan smiled and lifted his son up into his arms, resting the little head against his shoulder before heading out of the room.
Passing by the living room, he checked on his other son before going to the door of the bedroom, opening the door slowly Himchan laid his eyes on the love of his life comfy in the comforter and fast asleep. Closing the door slowly, he made his way back into the kitchen knowing you needed your rest to get better. Keeping his finger in his son’s mouth, Himchan watched over his two boys as the sun rose over the horizon.

A few days passed as Himchan learned how to manage the three babies and you being sick, with a burp rag on each shoulder, you smiled every time he visited your room with a different child in his arms. Bringing you soup and juice, he took your temperature periodically as you noticed it was getting lower and lower.
Around dinner time one night, you checked your temperature and smiled seeing that it was normal for the whole day. Slipping out of bed, you pulled a hoodie over your head and slipped your arms through the sleeves trying to keep your temperature the same. Heading out of your room, you cautiously headed into the living room trying to brace yourself for the mess you were about to see yet when you reached the end of the hallway, you stopped in your tracks seeing the kitchen and living room looking immaculate.
Scanning both of the rooms a few times, you saw your husband laying on the floor with your three children on the floor happily playing with toys and with each other. Slowly shuffling into the living room, you looked at your husband and knelt down beside him and smiled softly seeing his eyes closed tightly. His chest rose and fell slowly as if he was fast asleep, sitting next to him you watched your children greet you with bright smiles and soft cooes.

“Shhhh Daddy is really tired, we should let him sleep” You smiled and pulled a clean baby blanket from the couch and laid it over Himchan’s shoulders, your fingers slowly played with his hair as a low deep purr spilled from his parted lips.

Watching over your husband and your children you couldn’t be happier seeing that the home wasn’t destroyed and your children were happy and healthy. Leaning down pressing your lips against his temple, his head gently moved onto your leg as you smiled and enjoyed the rest of the day with your wonderful family that you wouldn’t trade for the world.
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that was so sweet!!
thank you so much!!!! I am glad that you enjoyed it!!