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With the blue sky gently fading into black, the stars began to make there appearance as you sat on a window seat. Your knees pulled up as your head rested on the wall behind you, your arms rested on your knees as you watched the world move around you. The people flowed over the sidewalk as they looked like school of fish, reminding you of when you got out of school and made your way home. 

Memories of home flooded your memory as you tried to think of what your family was doing at that exact moment. Looking up at the fading sun, you remembered when you used to go out and feel the cool night as you laid on the cool grass looking up at the stars with your family as they goofed around, always making you laugh. Oh how you missed them, but your heart was torn between your family and the love of your life. A heavy sigh left your lips as you didn’t hear the door open to Hongbin.

Hongbin had met your family when you two had first met, and when you decided to go with him, your father made Hongbin promise that he would look after you, his little girl. Hongbin agreed and that is when you stayed at his place.

Slipping off his shoes, his eyes fell on your beautiful figure as the light outside made your figure shadowed as you let out another sigh. Hongbin carefully watched you as he walked into the bedroom and took care of his clothes before walking back out, he watched you as you sighed again and rested your head on your knees as you watched the light fade.

Turning on a few lights as night soon filled the sky, Hongbin looked through the fridge wanting to find something to eat.

“Jagiya are you hungry? I can make you something.” He offered with a quiet, yet sweet tone as he didn’t want to disturb you. Slowly walking to your side, he knelt down and rubbed your arms with his fingers as he tried to read your emotions through your face.

“I’m not hungry.” You whispered as he stayed there a minute longer as you moved your face to the window again, he saw a trail trickle down your cheek as you sniffled softly. Standing up slowly, he rubbed your back as you just shook your head ‘no’. Retracting his hand from you, he moseyed over to the kitchen as he watched you after cutting up an apple for himself.

Sighing as his mind went through every possible emotion as none of them matched up to this one. Thinking back to when he was on tour, he did the same thing when there flight got delayed for a few days. He was homesick and so were you. Tipping his head to one side, he felt empathetic for you as he walked over to the couch, pulling a soft blanket off of the couch as he opened it up and put it around your shoulders. He gently kissed your head before kneeling down again.

“I am going to be in my room, if you need anything please call or come and see me.” He said in a hushed tone as you nodded your head against your knee. Shuffling his feet against the floor, he looked over his shoulder at you as he sighed as it pained him to see you this way. Pushing his bedroom door open, he took his laptop and sat at his desk as he started up his computer,

A picture of you and him laughing was his background as he had pictures of you bordering the picture of you two together. Opening up his web browser. He typed in the international airline as he chose your country and looked at a ticket for two. Opening another tab he looked at his savings account, there was barely enough money. Closing his eyes, he let out a prolonged breath as he looked over to his doorway, thinking about you and how much he loved you.

Ads popped up along the sides of the airline website as he got reminded that it was Valentine’s Day soon. Knowing that no other present would be better for you than a trip home to the people that you loved, your family.

Risking everything for you to be happy again, he booked two plane tickets as it cleaned out his bank account. Taking another deep breath, he knew that this was the right thing for him to do for you.

Surfing the web, he read some articles and watched some of his videos as a cold pair of arms wrapped around his shoulders. Your tear soaked face burrowed into his chest, his arm lifted over you and wrapped around you as he looked down at you. Letting his hand gently rub your back, you sniffled against his shirt as you just held him tighter.

“I just wanted a hug.” You admitted through your tears as he wrapped you in his arms.

“All of my hugs are just for you.” Hongbin gently swayed with you back and forth, you both just sat there in silence as some of VIXX’s music videos played one after the other. Watching the beautiful songs come to life through the music videos, you began to feel better as you moved your head up to his shoulder.

“I’ll be right back.” Hongbin said against your hair as you nodded. He took his laptop and plugged it in as you moved to the bed. Moving into the bathroom, he grabbed a warm washcloth to wash away your tears, but before he could come back, you were already fast asleep on his bed.

A crooked smile came to his face as he slowly shook his head at the adorable sight. Lifting up your legs with care, he slid you under his covers as he sat on the edge of the bed and wiped your tears away.

“Sleep well, beautiful.” Hongbin said one he finished cleaning you up, he kissed your cheek softly before turning off the light and walking out to sleep on the couch for the night.

On his way to work, he watched the shop owners decorate their windows with hearts and ribbons as he smiled to himself knowing that he made the right choice for his first Valentine’s Day with you.

Opening your eyes, the room was dark as you rubbed your eyes. Laying on the bed with your eyes opened, you noticed that you haven’t been into Hongbin’s bedroom that often. Finding pictures of you around his room, you counted them before drifting off to sleep.

The next few days, you stayed around the house, just missing home. Although time seemed to heal the wound partially, Hongbin came through the door and walked up behind you as his arms hugged around your shoulders.

“Can you do me a favor?” He asked as you looked up at him.

“Depends on what it is.” Your hands gently rested on his wrists as you played with his bracelets.

“Could you go pack for me, just bring a weeks worth of clothes and meet me back out here in an hour. Oh and dress comfortably.” Hongbin rushed off to his room as he made you giggle and smile for the first time in a week.

Setting your feet on the floor, you walked to your room as you dressed casual and followed Hongbin’s orders as you wondered what he was up to. Within the hour, you had your things all ready to go and a backpack on your shoulder. Hongbin came out of his room as he turned off all of the lamps and things before helping you out the door.

“Where are we going Hongbin?” You asked as he took your luggage from your hands.

“Somewhere.” He teased with a smile.

“You know for Valentine’s Day girls wish for roses or a nice dinner, not running off.” You said with a smile pulling on the sides of your lips.

“i think that this is better than those things.” He lead you to a taxi that was waiting outside.
Putting the bags in the trunk, you sat in first and Hongbin got in as the taxi drove away.

Pulling up to the airport, your face was pressed against the glass of the window as Hongbin just smiled.

“Am I coming on a tour with you?” You asked as the car stopped and Hongbin got out and grabbed your bags.

“Um, not exactly.” He said as both of you walked through the automated doors.

“Tell me please.” You begged bouncing up and down beside him.

He walked with you as he shook his head until he reached the gate of the terminal for the plane.Hongbin pointed to the digitized letters that hung above the gate as it spelled the name of your home country where your family is.

“Oppa. Did you really… I mean… are we really going…” You tried to get the right words out as he just nodded your head.

“We’re going to visit your family since you have been homesick.” He said quietly in your ear so you wouldn’t be embarrassed. You wrapped your arms around him tightly as he hugged you back.

“It must have cost a fortune.” You whispered as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Nothing is more important than your happiness.” Hongbin kissed your head as both of you walked through the terminal as you both found your seats. Sliding your hand into his, you held it in your lap as you couldn’t wait to finally take off and to see your family. Your eyes looked over at Hongbin as he just smiled, leaning over the arm rest you kissed his cheek.

“W-What was that for?” He asked you with a chuckle as his sparkling eyes met yours.

“Thank you” You kissed his cheek again as he caught your lips with his, he moved his lips over yours as he broke the kiss unwillingly as he opened up his eyes to look at yours.

“I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day, love.” Hongbin whispered as he kissed your lips again before the plane began to take off.