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The big metal bird rolled down the tarmac, while the flight attendants gave their speeches on where the exits were and what to do in an emergency. Once the flight attendants were seated the plane started to pick up pace and you held Hongbin’s hand tightly. No matter how many times you had been on a plane the turbulence still made you nervous.

Holding your hand tightly, he watched you for a while letting the plane start to bounce around a little. Holding his hand tighter, he moved your hand into his lap and used his other hand to rub your fingers and your hand gently.

Once the plane was up in the air, you slowly opened your eyes and saw Hongbin’s smile.

“S-Sorry, I just get nervous.” You whispered letting your grip loosen from his hand a little bit.

“Don’t worry, others were scared too.” He tried to reassure you. Picking up his backpack from in between his legs, he unzips the front pocket and hands you his iPod and he gets his tangled earphones.

“You want to choose some music for the ride?” He whispers softly, you look at him and nod with a smile curling onto your lips. Untangling his earphones, he handed you the right and put the left into his ear.

Finding the jack, you plugged it into his iPod and chose a song. Adjusting the volume, you smiled letting your lips move to the words of the song. Hongbin’s fingers gently tapped on his leg while he smiled remembering the dances.

A yawn escaped your lips from the long ride, and your head gently rested against his shoulder. Closing your eyes, you snuggled up to his shoulder, still listening to the songs that were being shuffled after one song ended.

Once the short playlist was over, Hongbin looked over at you to see if you would do something, but instead, he saw you fast asleep. Brushing some hair behind your ear, he smiled and pressed his lips to your forehead, then leaning over to the window, he pulled down the shade and lifted his jacket up onto your shoulder wrapping it around you like a blanket.

“Sweet dreams, my love.” He whispered before slipping out the iPod from your grasp and found some music for him to listen to as well.

A few hours later he was fast asleep with you, but the turbulence woke him up, he turned to you but you were still fast asleep. Hearing the tires squeal at the contact of the hard tarmac below, Hongbin gently pulled his ear bud out of your ear and wrapped the cord around his hand and placed it back in his backpack with his iPod.

The plane was pulling into the terminal and he gently squeezed your hand hoping to wake you up.

“You’re home, yeobo.” He whispered against your hair, ending it with a kiss, you got up and looked around. Stretching and rubbing your eyes, you yawned.

“I slept for the whole trip?” You asked in your quiet morning voice.

“Mostly, don’t worry I fell asleep too.” He smiled at you, taking your jacket from your shoulder and holding it in his hand as he stood up while putting his backpack on his shoulder.

Standing up after Hongbin, you slid your fingers through his while you two walked through the narrow alley’s of the airplane, the flight attendant wished you a happy and safe stay. Walking down the tunnel, you had no idea what to expect.

Would your parent’s be waiting for you? Would you just be there all alone? Many thoughts ran through your head but you knew that you would be with Hongbin and that made all of the nervousness fade.

Turning the corner, you saw little signs with your name on it but behind the signs you saw your
Dad and Mom. Letting go of Hongbin’s hand, you ran into their arms, they held you tightly and smiled into your embrace. Hongbin walked slowly through the rest of the tunnel before reaching your family and you. Bowing to them respectfully, he watched your mom’s eyes fill with tears.

“Is that you Hongbin?” Your mom recognized your boyfriend.

“It is ma'am.” He bowed again, while the three of you pulled away from the hug.

“What are you doing here?” Your Dad questions a little surprised to see him.

“She needed an escort, sir.” Hongbin replied with a smile pulling onto his lips letting his dimples show a little.

“You have gotten so manly.” Your mom smiles and hugs him to the side.

“Thank you, I have been working out because our comeback date is coming closer.” He smiles, but when he looked at your Dad’s eyes, they were as cold as ice.

“Hello, sir.” Hongbin bowed at him.

“Has he been treating you well?” Your Dad asks you and only you, yet his eyes stayed on Hongbin.

“Very well, Daddy. Just like a princess.” You smile at Hongbin, glancing up at your Dad once and a while.

“Okay, let’s get you home, we have a lot to catch up on.” Your Dad smiles wrapping his arm around your shoulder, leading you to the baggage claim.

“Don’t worry about him, he is a little hard at first, but just give him some time.” Your mom told Hongbin.

“Can I hold your bags for you?” Hongbin asked your mom.

“You are sweet, but I think that I will hold these for now. You will have more bags to carry out to the car.” She reminds him.

The two of them headed over to the baggage claim. You stood next to the bags that you and Hongbin brought over.

“Hongbin, get the bags and take them to the car.” Your father ordered.

“Yes sir.” Hongbin nodded, your mom patted him on the back. Hongbin also knew that this was a test to show that he was enough for your Dad’s little girl.

With several bags rolling behind Hongbin, he kept his eyes on you. He watched you laugh and smile with your Dad. Reaching the car, he lifted the bags into the car and opened the door for your Mom and you. Sliding into the seat, Hongbin slid next to you while the four of you drove back to your childhood home.

Hongbin watched you but saw your father’s eyes staring back at him. The thought of holding your hand shot right out of his mind at the thought of your parent’s disapproving him and making him leave you.

Talking with your parents was so enjoyable for you. Having them catch you up on what was going on with your old friends and what everyone was doing now.

Making it home, you got out of the car. You were just about to help Hongbin with the luggage but your Mom pulled you away.

“Come see what I made for dinner, I think that you will like it.” Your mom pulled you into through the front door while your Dad and Hongbin were left outside. Your Dad opened the trunk while Hongbin took out the luggage and moved the bags to the entryway.

Making two trips back to the house all of the luggage was finally inside.

“You should take the luggage to her room.” Your Dad almost demanded.

“W-Where would that be sir?” Hongbin questioned with respect.

“Down the hall and to the left.” Your father said before Hongbin nodded.

“Where will I be sleeping sir?” He asked but he didn’t want to assume that he would be sleeping with you.

“On the floor in her room, on the other side of the room.” Your dad said with his voice raised.

“Yes, sir.” Hongbin bowed and pulled the bags to your room.

Opening the door to your room, he turned on the light and the first thing that he saw was the pictures of VIXX on the walls. He smiled pulling your bags through the door and lifting them onto your bed. On your bed he saw a pillow with his face on it and he smiled. Looking closer at the posters he saw little sticky notes that were stuck beside his face. With cute little phrases to motivate you, he smiled and looked around seeing more pictures of your family and you.

A knock on the door caught his attention and caused him to turn around to you standing in the doorway.

“Enjoying yourself?” You smiled walking up next to him.

“Not as much as I would like to.” He smiled and cautiously slid his hand through yours.

“Don’t worry, my Dad just doesn’t want to let me go yet.” You smiled while holding his hand a little tighter. Both of you turned and looked in each others eyes and stayed like that for a while, communicating without words but through your hearts.

“I didn’t know that you had that many pictures of me around your room.” Hongbin broke the silence with his deep whisper.

“Ah, well you helped me through a lot and what can I say. I am a fangirl at heart.” You smiled and lean up and kiss his cheek. “But my mom wanted me to tell you to dress up for dinner, we are all going to dress up a little.”

“Okay, I will dress first then.” He smiles before your Dad appears in the doorway.

“Your mother is calling for you ______.” Your father said, Hongbin shook your hand as you let it fall to your side and nodded before going to help your mom.

“I’m watching you.” Your Dad threatened.

“I am watching you too, sir.” Hongbin responded before moving to his bags and taking out a light blue button up shirt and black pants. Gathering the clothes in his arms he headed to the bathroom to change.

A while later, everyone was seated around the table. Your Dad and Mom sat on the ends on the table while you and Hongbin sat across from each other.

The dinner was really quiet except for the clinking of the silverware, before Hongbin broke the silence.

“This dinner is really delightful. Mrs. _______. Thank you for preparing this meal and opening your home to us.” Hongbin smiled at her.

“You are such a gentleman.” You mom whined happily bouncing in her chair, earning a hiss from her husband.

“He always is. There was this one time where he carried me all the way home because my heels were too tall for me. Then another time when he gave up his coat to shield me from the rain and we ran home together and he got soaked but somehow managed to keep me dry.” You smiled telling his heroic stories to your family, glancing over at your father, you knew that you were slowly changing his mind about Hongbin.

Once dinner was over and more stories were shared, your Mom stood up from her place but Hongbin took the plates from her hands.

“I’ll do the dishes tonight.” Hongbin offered.

“I’ll help you put the clean dishes back, since you don’t know where they go.” You offered with a smile, taking all of the dishes back, you put the left overs in containers and placed them in the fridge.

Hongbin worked at the sink, washing the dishes with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows.
Picking up a towel, you dried them and put them back in their rightful place.

“Goodnight, you two. Your Dad and I are turning in early. It was great to see you again Hongbin, and thank you for coming along too.” Your mom came in and hugged the two of you before leaving the kitchen, heading to her room.

“Hongbin” Your father called from the doorway, Hongbin turned around and walked a little towards him. “Thank you for taking such good care of my little girl. It was hard for me to see her with one of the guys on her wall but now I know that you are the right one for her.”

Your Dad patted Hongbin’s shoulder before turning around and leaving the room. Hongbin stood there stunned, while you put the last plate away and turned off the light. Walking up behind him, you wrapped your arms around his torso.

“Congrats, you earned my Dad’s approval.” You whispered before moving to his side.

“Thank you, but do I really have to sleep on the other side of your room?” Hongbin questioned you.

“No, but you might have to sleep on the floor but beside my bed just to be safe.” You smiled taking his hand and leading him to your room.

He nodded, following you to your room, you changed in your closet and he changed in the room and once you two were in pajama pants and tank tops. You crawled into your bed and smiled at the old memories of counting how many Hongbin’s you had on your wall before you fell asleep, but here he was, in real life and sleeping beside you.

Hongbin, laid on the floor with his hand behind his hand and other other hand on his stomach.
Moving to the edge of your bed, you rolled over onto your stomach. Watching him with his eyes closed, you reached down with your hand that was off of the bed and held his that rested on his chest. One of his eyes opened and looked up at him.

“Won’t your Dad be mad?” Hongbin asked quietly.

“His little girl wants this.” You smiled and his fingers intertwined with yours.

Closing your eyes, you reached up and turned off your lamp then rested your head on your hand.

“I love you Hongbin, thank you for taking me here.” You whispered while you started to fall asleep.

“I love you too _______, anything to see you smile.” He kissed your hand causing a smile to curl onto your lips.

The two of you fell asleep happily, knowing that both of your parents approved of your boyfriend, and knowing that you boyfriend loved you as much, if not more, than you loved him was just the icing on the cake.