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A soft wind blew through the trees throughout the day, pushing the smog out from the tops of the skyscrapers and out into the countryside. The cloudless sky was soon replaced with white fluffy angelic clouds that slowly turned into grey ominous clouds as the hours passed. The once soft and gentle breeze turned into a whirlwind as you could hear the wind whistle through the cracks along the seal of the windows in your car.

Having the car rock from side to side with every gust of air, you turned up the radio louder trying to not focus on the storm that was fast approaching. Rain started to pound onto the exterior surface of your car as you turned at a few lights before arriving home at your apartment complex.
Pulling into your usual parking spot, you gathered all of your things up in your car beforehand and looked outside as the rain blowing horizontal to the ground. Zipping up your coat, you pushed open the door and quickly closed it, hitting the button on your keys twice, your car chirped back at you that it was locked as you ran into the lobby and shook off the water that drenched the lower half of your body.
Running your fingers through your hair slowly, the wet strands bunched up and sticking to your chill kissed cheeks. Pressing your warm hands against your cheeks, you slowly made your way to the elevator and pressed the silver button, waiting for the elevator to arrive.
Your legs shivered uncontrollably under you as the drenched stockings clung to your legs. Keeping yourself upright on your heels, you watched as the doors opened and you carefully stepped inside on your wobbly, cold feet. Pushing the floor of your apartment, you watched the doors close as the elevator ascended to your requested floor. The doors opened once again as you stepped out and walked shakily to the door that you called home.

Hongbin sat quietly inside, a soft light cascading down from the lamp beside him as the yellow light softly lit up the off-white pages of the book he was currently indulged in. Carefully turning the page, his eyes began to move from letter to letter, word to word and line to line. The chime of the front door caught his attention as you walked through the front door and felt the warm air surround you.
“Hey sweetie” He cooed, shifting his body in your direction

“H-H-Hi” You stammered from the cold that numbed your lips.

“You look soaked, love” He started to move to the edge of the cushion and rise to his feet to help you.

“I’ll be fine, I am just going to change clothes” You told him, licking your lips as the warmth started to diffuse back into them.

“Okay” He nodded, watching you to observe what kind of state you were in. “Take a warm shower while you are at it, it will help you feel better”

Nodding your head, you headed back to the bedroom. Taking his advice, you gathered clothes up into your arms and shuffled to the bathroom. Turning on the water, you let the cold water run as it was soon replaced with warm, inviting water pouring from the shower head.
Hongbin eased back into his seat on the couch as he began reading another chapter of his book. Hearing your singing voice coming from the bathroom, he just smiled to himself and pulled a blanket closer to him, knowing that with a wet head you were bound to become cold again, it was just a matter of time.
Once you were finished with your shower and you had combed out your hair and dealt with your soaking wet clothes, you joined Hongbin in the living room and sat next to him on the couch.

“Which book are you reading?” You whispered, trying not to disturb him too much while you lightly resting your head on his shoulder.

Naming off a title to one of his favorite books, he smiled in your direction and slowly shifted the book closer to you so that you could read it easier with him. Reading a few lines a yawn slipped from your lips as your head relaxed fully on his strong shoulders. Feeling his hand run down your arm and his fingers gently slipped between yours, you wrapped your hand around his and hummed softly.
The weight of your long day and stressful week slowly started to ebb away slowly with each passing moment you spent in his arms. Hongbin glanced down at your head on his chest, your body contorted into somewhat of an ankward position as he knew that it probably wasn’t the comfiest position for you. His eyes read to the end of the chapter before he marked his page and slid the book onto the end table next to him.
Slipping his fingers out of yours, you whimpered slightly as he shushed you quietly and slowly wrapped his arm around your shoulders. Cradling your head with his other hand, he lifted you up and re-positioned you so that your body was against his as he reclined on the couch. His arm was around your stomach, his hand lacing with yours again, as your head nestled in between the crook of his neck and his shoulder. His other hand expertly unfolded the blanket and laid it over your body, careful not to move too much to disturb you. Covering you up fully, he slid his free arm under the blanket and laid it across your body.
Relaxing almost fully against his body, you hummed softly while his fingertips slowly brushed across your skin.

“Are you cold babe?” He whispered, knowing you may not respond. In your almost asleep state, you hummed and lightly squeezed his hand, confirming his answer.
Feeling his warm hand slowly run under the hem of your shirt, you hummed softly as you curled against him happily.

“You’re so cold” He mumbled against your hair, feeling the cooling sensation of your skin underneath the tips of his fingers. Working his hand across your skin slowly and smoothly, you were fast asleep. Wanting to ask how your day was, he thought he would ask tomorrow seeing your beautiful sleeping face nestled into him.
Slowly removing one of his hands from around you, he reached back and turned off the light allowing the room to fall dark as the lights from the street dimly lit the living room still.
Watching the rain pound against the window and the wind howl and whistle as it passed, you just snuggled deeper into his chest while he watched over you. Finding your own little escape and sanctuaries in each others arms.

Regardless of life’s ups and downs, you are the sunshine that wipes away my frowns - Anon