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On the recent episodes Secret has been getting a lot more intense with it's mix-emotions feelings and fans seem to love it considering that it has been getting high views despite the fact that they are going against a big drama like Heirs. The Chief Producer also made a very anticipated promise to all Secret's fans mentioning that the ending will be something very unexpected that we will never guess or see it coming. Which leaves many think what will happen? As much as I want to see the ending as well, I still can not bare the thought of it ending though, but hopefully the show leave us satisfied with an epic ending. And to our dismay as much as we want an extension it has been decided that there will not be an extension, instead the writers are concentrating on making the show as best as possible!
@MasriDaniela of course. Haha. :)
@MasriDaniela don't worry will not sure
@MasriDaniela hahaha I know your excited and I'll make sure to tag you when I post it. :) I'm excited too! I want to know what's going to happen!! ><
@evelynmendoza14 i wait hihihihi i am ©© ©© ©© ©©
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