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I'm basing these top 6 cutest cast according to the heirs drama alone not according to their real life selves or cuteness because s I've often lamented the make up artist for the heirs is beyond awful often presenting us with white faced weird alien looking cast (esp Choi Young Do) I especially hate kim tan's look,make up wardrobe(I mean what's with the baby pink sweater from ep 7)I wish they would just bring city hunter's make up and stylisti just grudgingly allowed Kim Tan on this list because of my love for Lee Min Ho I repeat only because of Lee Min Ho Enough Ranting,Lemme start 1.Yoon Chan Young:Ok this guy is cute any time,super cute and one of the only cast that seem to have his make up applied right.I was so happy when I realized he's the 'unnie' guy from heartstrings(you've fallen for me) 2.Yoo Ra Hael:she doesn't look so bad but she was much much cuter in 'To the beautiful you' and I preferred her character there as well,she just seems to be acting the same thing over and over in the heirs,kudos to the make up artist again for the awful make up and diminished make up making her almost unrecognizable as the same gymnast from to the beautiful you 3.Lee Bo Na: ok I have no complaints here, I didn't like her character at first but I've grown to like her and lovely english as well 4.Myungsoo: I probably should have made him number 2(let's just assume I did,I'm too lazy to retype the numbers LOL (^o^))he's soo adorable and I love his character and his make up seem to be applied well. 5.Esther Lee (Yoo Ra Hael's mom):she's so cute and she looks so small delicate and breakable.she has babylike features. 6.Kim Tan:with a grudging heart I'm putting kim tan in this least because of Lee Min Ho,lemme say this Kim tan and lee min ho are two seperate entities cos I'm sure lee min ho would never be caught in that God awful make up(esp lipstick) and weird wardrobe,that being said although looking awful in most scenes he still has he's cute moments.and there's something quite different about lee min ho's face I can't quite pinpoint it aside from losing his adorable chubby cheeks(from City Hunter and faith)there's something else I can't say. I know I've said this a thousand times I wish the would hire the make up artist from city hunter.oh well I'll just have to live with it Sidenote:what's with Choi young do(I won't say kim woo bin) looking like a white faced alien with overthick equally weird brows. His face is visibly whiter than the rest of his body *shudders* and one eyebrow is always higher than the other he should try to bring it down more often i love the guy tho and I mean kim woo bin not young do And just randomly stating my love for Eun Sang's Mum who it seems is in every Korean Drama Anyways HEIRS hwaiting!!!! And oh yeah one more thing I'm not a huge fan of Jeguk's High school Uniform(for the guys) I so much prefer Shinhwa and school 2013's uniform3i can't remember the name of the school was it victory school or something)