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Namjoon was talking to the camera when he heard the thump sound from behind him. He truns around and see's Taehyung on the ground of the rink. "You idiot!" namjoon skates to Taehyung to help the younger up off the ice. "you okay babe?" Tae's eyes were watering and namjoon didn't like seeing tae upset. "Tae its okay alright." "Yeah i know."

In the van Taehyung seems even more down than when they were at the rink. "Are you sure you're okay, you're fine." "Yeah, i'm just embarassed." "we've been through this been throught this taehyung. its fine it was just us." "Yeah but we were on camera as well."

"You're embarassed because the fans will see." "Yes." "taehyung i think it will be fine. they like you too much to care wether you tripped or not."

Taehyung nodded but kept silent and namjoon pulled him in for a hg. "I love you. You know that right?" Taehyung smiled when namjoon said that. "i love you too." he turned and kissed namjoon softly before leaning on him.

"I still feel embarassed Namjoon." "I could embarass you by something else." "Huh, How!" Namjoon whispers something into taes ear making him. "You're a pervert!"