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Jimin was seen filming something which appeared to be an upcoming drama !!!

Nothing has been confirmed yet. Honestly i would love to see Jimin act. This would be such an amazing opportunity for him. He tries so hard at everything he does, and i know he'd do an outstanding job.♡ What do you guys think ?


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annnd... I'm shook.... what a beautiful way to start the morning 😭
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Lol right ?!
9 months ago
Seeing Jimin on the big screen is a huge accomplishment. I'm very excited to see this! Hwaiting!
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it would be a great opportunity for him.
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He'd be great! He's always so maximum effort but comes across so naturally. Love to see him act! Wait,... maybe my heart couldn't take it tho...!
9 months ago·Reply
Exactly 😊😄 and aww. lol
9 months ago
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