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what do you guys think? I had a discussion about this with a youtuber 2 weeks ago and we both noted that BTS became HUGE as soon as B.A.P disappeared.
I think it's so rude to undermine BTS like this. B.A.P. is above them in my list of favorite groups even but BTS has earned their fandom fair and square. I firmly believe they grew because they started to get better in all areas (vocals, dance, rap, and fan service) as well as really start to globalize. If anything helped them it was the amazing marketing. B.A.P. did lose fans because of their hiatus, but it has nothing to do with BTS's growth and to make this correlation is strange. People that like BTS would have liked them whether BAP went on hiatus or not.
totally agree!
I've only loved BTS and really started to share them with others around me in late 2015. I think BTS blew up because of how great they are. I don't think it necessarily had to much to do with another group going hiatus. I could very well be wrong though. Is it upsetting to you or more interesting?
the thing is i like b.a.p and bts...but b.a.p is my ultimate.. i got into bts when just one day came out. i can honestly say that bts worked hard to get into the position they are now they have great music but they were really "unappreciated" back then because 1. they are from a small company and 2 exo was basically dominating everything from 2013-2015..but 2014 was b.a.p's year they were winning awards they appeared on more variety shows etc but they're fanbase was huge internationlly..hence all the world babys were b.a.p's support system but the the lawsuit...i PERSONALLY know a few people who started listening to bts more when b.a.p left and bts was being more active and they were basically "tailgating" and thats when bts's international fanbase started growing and also bts concept is hiphop which is something that b.a.p "introduced" into mainstream kpop bts just took it to a whole new level...all the b.a.p vs exo fanwars are now bts vs exo...i can keep going on and on let me stop rambling lol
I honestly waited patiently for B.A.P as they returned while some of my friends moved on from them because they weren't going to come back. That is how many of their fans felt and honestly if they really loved and cared for B.A.P they should've stayed but it's nice to know who was with them thick and thin in the end. I do believe they might recover a bit but not much seeing how many people actually showed supported them with their new albums
I'm sorry but this is dumb just cuz a group went on hiatus doesn't necessarily mean another group can come and shine like a diamond guys BTS got really famous because of there powerful and influential music and choreographies they produce there own music for goodness sake do any of you know many idols who do this. Some maybe yes but not a whole group BTS has a lot of very talented members there lyrics slap you right in the face lol you can really relate to it and that's what there aim is to communicate with there fans to show them that they have gone through that to not just us fans. B.A.P is an amazing group that have been around for so long if there fans left then they weren't really fans am I right? No one needs fake ppl in there fandoms it's better that they left now you know who truly loves them and who never did. It was very touching to hear that they were all going to nullify there contract and not just let that particular member leave I'm not a hard core fan of them yet since I haven't had time to get to know them but one thing that is clear is that I have loved and supported them from afar just like any other Kpop group out there yes when they left it messed up there popularity but I'm sure they will get it back they are very talented and hard working and we all love them for it so plz guys stop saying that BTS took there fans or there popularity your just adding more oil to the fire 🔥 and just cause so much hate between fandoms lets just support each other BTS B.A.P FIGHTING ✌️😘
I love both groups but I didn't know about that happening during bap's hiatus (that and I wasn't a full blown baby until I was watching their old songs)
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still even if bap has been on hiatus that time BTS got popular through their creative dances not because of some person said "they stole their fans" but as I said I love both groups so I disagree with the YouTuber
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