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I dunno, I found this in my notes while cleaning it out. What do you guys think?

View point of Sarada

Its been hell at school, I hate it. I've even fallen behind Boruto. This sucks so much....

I was lost in thought as ChoCho jump onto my back.

"Ugn," I grunted. I shifted my weight, getting a better grip on her legs.

"Wow, you've gotten a lot stronger lately!" ChoCho exclaimed.

"Seems to be the only thing left...." I sighed.

"What?"She asked.

"Nothing..." I said.

"How long did you study for the hand signs test?" Chocho asked, trying to keep the conversation going.

'Shit,' I thought. 'That was today?!"

"I dunno," I lied. "3 hours?..."

"Wow," she said surprisingly. "I only studied for an hour! Even then, I was eating the entire time!"

I giggled a little, "Yah know, I was eating too, now that I think about it."

Well, not really, more like throwing up the food that I was eating....

I bombed my hand signs test, so I decided to stay back for a while trying to hone on my actual weaving.

I stayed for an hour until mama texted asking where I was.

<where are you, sweetie?>
<I'm still at school, I wanted to practice my sign weaving>
<okay, well, your father just went out to pick up dinner, so be home soon❤>

I put my scrolls in my bag and ran home.

"Hey, mama," I half yelled as I opened the door. "I'm home!"

"We're in the dinning room, sweetie," mama called out.

I took off my sandles and walked to the dinning room, smelling the Ichiraku ramen made my mouth water.

"You're just in time," mama said. Hugging me on her way by, she set my bowl down.

Papa came in the side door and poked my forehead.
Its so annoying how he always does that, it pisses me off. Shanaroo!

So, yeah, let me know what you think in the comments? idk about this, ill most likely end up throwing it out in a months time or something...
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I thought it was good you should totally keep writing