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Well its that time again Its my 21st birthday!

Today I turn 21 and I'm going to list some more facts about myself.
1. I love singing, though I don't know if I sound good. lol
(Pictures I traced and colored)
2. I wish I could draw, I love drawing but I'm just not skilled at it. -sigh- Though I'm trying to improve. Most of the pictures in my room are traced, which leaves my hand cramped because I would spend hours tracing from my computer.
3. I barely sleep anymore. I don't know why it or how it happen, but now I don't feel tired until really late/ early in the morning.
4. I'm still a really shy person, but I've opened up more since last year.
5. I write fanfictions, but I have been having writer's block for a while now. T_T
6. Today I caught a shiny Magicarp (I hope I spelt that right) on Pokemon Go, even though it has 10 cp.
7. I'm sometimes called Kuroko only because if I stay quiet for so long my friends forget that I'm there. lol T_T
8. I love super hero movies, mostly Marvel. My favorite Avenger is Thor, but I love Deadpool.
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Happy birthday! Don't forget to try some Sake lol
Happy Birthday!!! I love Thor too!! Hes my fave!! I hope u are having an awesome birthday day!!! 🎂🎊
Happy Birthday!! 🎈🎉🎊🎁🎂
happy birthday😄 and may u have a great day on ur special day 😁 i hope ur wishes come true 🎊🎉
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