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Paramore is back with a totally new sound - and a new line up (again)

Here's a really good article on the group!

They just dropped a new single called "Hard Times: from their upcoming album, After Laughter.

Here's the video:

For those of you who are new, or need a refresher course, Paramore's first dose of drama is back when their drummer and guitarist left. Josh Farro (guitar) wrote a loooooong blog post basically dragging Hayley, and to be honest, it really turned me off of Hayley for a while. They did a super long awkward interview trying to clear it up here:
They came out of it though with amazing music and all was going well for the group :) Then (and this is the part I just found out today lol) Taylor their bassist also left the group. What's weirder still is that the original drummer, Zac, joined again.

I was super shocked to see him in the music video!

I'm excited to hear their new LP and just wish they could make music without all this dramz~

Throwback to the first song I ever heard from Paramore: