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Hearing the door click open you skipped towards the door, knowing that Hoon is home. Letting his bag drop to the floor he opened his arms to you as you wrapped yours around his.

“How’s my little family?” He tiredly said as he kissed your cheek.

“Not too bad. I about finished the baby’s room today and the baby just grew more.” You smiled as you kissed his lips sweetly. “You ok? You look tired.”

“I am, the managers worked us hard today.” He kissed your again on the lips as you ran your hands to his waist.

“How about you go and rest and I will get your dinner.” You patted his back gently as he nodded. Bringing over some dinner he quickly ate it leaving the plate blank.

He wrapped his arms around you pulling you against his chest. Flipping on a random TV show he wrapped his hands around your round stomach. Resting your hands on top of his, you leaned back into his warm hug and enjoyed your quiet time with him. A few minutes later you felt some movement in your round stomach as you smiled and beamed happily, then there was a kick. Hoon moved his hands quickly away from your stomach.

“What was that?” He perked up and moved his hands away from you, worried that he inflicted that on you.

“The baby” You said quietly as your hands searched for his. Finding his you placed them back on your stomach as another kick hit right where his hands were. You smiled again as you felt Hoon breathe in deep and let it out.

“Say hi to your daddy, baby~” You talked down to your stomach as another kick hit his hands, Hoon could help but smile happily.

“Hi baby, you are already so cute. I can’t wait to see you~” Hoon said quietly as his hands gently moved over your stomach.

“What’s that? You want daddy to sing you a song so you can go to sleep?” You had a conversation with your baby, “Please Hoonie~”

The sound of his voice made you hum along to one of your favorite songs, the love and passion in his voice. Finishing his song, the baby’s kicks had settled down.

“Congratulations Oppa, you just put the baby to sleep with your singing.” You whispered as you looked up at him.

“I guess the baby likes what you like.” Hoon said as he helped you up, following you to the bedroom so that he could get you to bed as well.
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hahaha thank you sooooooo much!!! I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself!!!
this is so cute and pure omf g aaaaaaaaaaa
thank you!!! I love writing these kinds of stories haha
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