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The grey clouds hung low amongst the city as you waddled around your small place waiting for Hoseok to come home. A kick came from your stomach as your hand rubbed the sore spot gently.

“Daddy will be home before the storm, don’t worry.” You said kindly as you heard the door open and the cool air rushed into your warm place.

“Jagiya~” Hoseok called from the door as you smiled and patted your stomach gently.

“Welcome home, yeobo.” You sweetly said as he removed his shoes and coat before walking over to you and wrapping his arms around you as you hugged him sideways, due to your large belly. A kick hit your stomach as Hoseok felt it too and loosened the hug as he looked down at your ballooned belly.

“Hello baby.” He kissed your stomach sweetly as you just smiled down at him. Standing back upright, he took your hand and you lead him into the kitchen as you began to warm up his dinner.

Suddenly becoming light headed, you closed your eyes and braced yourself against the counter top as Hoseok was busy changing in the bedroom. Catching your breath, you leaned against the counter as you rested your hand on your forehead. Hoseok came out and saw you as you didn’t look very good to him. Rushing to your side, he tried to read your face as you looked like you were in pain, his fingers gently rubbed your arm as you opened an eye to him.

“Let’s get you over here on the couch.” He took your arm and went slowly as you walked next to him. Taking it at your speed, both of you made it to the couch as you sat down and began to catch your breath. Your head rested on the back of the couch as you took deep, slow breaths.
Hoseok, gently pet your cheek with his fingers as he looked at you helplessly.

“Did anything happen today with the baby?” He asked knowing that you were due any day now. Shaking your head you rolled your head over to look at him.

“You go eat. I will be ok.” You patted his leg as he waited around a little longer before he nodded his head and got up to grab his food from the microwave. Coming back over to yours side, the smell of food made you nauseous as you closed your eyes and covered your nose and mouth as Hoseok got the subtle cue and moved into the kitchen to finish the rest of his meal.

After he finished, he washed all of the dishes and put them away as he looked over at you still in the same position that he left you. Biting his lip, he wondered if there was really something wrong or if you weren’t getting enough rest. Drying off his hands, he turned off the lights as he walked over to the tv and slid in a DVD.

“What are you doing Hoseok?” You asked with a labored breath as he looked over at you as he grabbed a blanket before sitting next to you.

“I think you need to rest for a little while, with me.” He said softly as his arm rested on the back of the couch. Gently easing yourself down, you leaned on his shoulder as he rested his head against the back of the couch as you seemed to relax in his arms.

The comfort of the dark room and the warm arms that wrapped around you was perfect for relaxing, a soft snore came from above you as you moved your head to see Hoseok sleeping under you. Lifting your hand up, you gently moved his hair out of his eyes as you kissed his cheek gently.

“Thank you for working so hard.” You whispered as another kick came from your stomach, your hand gently rubbed over it again as you sat up carefully, not to disturb Hoseok.

Hoseok’s hand gently slid down your back as he felt you breathing. He felt you become tense as he gently awoke from his sleeping state and looked at you, gently rubbing his hand against your back his eyes began to drop back down, when he didn’t feel a steady breath from you, he opened his eyes again and you were looking right at him with a scared look on your face.

“It will be ok.” He gently moved out from under you as he helped you up from the couch.
Not taking any chances, he grabbed your hospital bag and rushed you out the door to the car.
Turning the key to start the car, the car made a weird noise and didn’t start. Slamming his hand down onto the car, he quickly gathered his cool again and locked his car before you two walked to the bus stop.

The bus pulled up as it looked really full, with no other option, Hoseok helped you onto the bus as he tried to convince the bus driver to head to the hospital. With the driver equip with the route, he walked with you down the narrow walk way. An older man got up from his seat and gave it to you as you sat down.

“Thank you sir.” Hoseok said as the old man patted his shoulder.

“Take care of her and your little baby.” The old man advised as you slipped your hand through Hoseok’s holding it with all your strength.

“Hold on sweetheart. Just about there.” He said as he watched the road ahead hoping that you would be ok until the hospital. Whimpers came from your mouth as you squeezed Hoseok’s hand harder, the elderly woman next to you gave you some pointers to get your mind off of the pain as the bus driver arrived at the hospital.

Helping you up, you carefully walked down the walk way as the strangers on the bus wished you luck. Thanking the bus driver the elderly man helped you off the bus and paid for both of your bus fair as you thanked him before going behind the automatic doors.

A wave of pain came over you as you just froze and let out a painful yelp as Hoseok, now scared to death, called out for a nurse. Nurses crowded around you as you sat in a wheel chair, they asked Hoseok a bunch of questions as they ran with you down the hall to the delivery room.

Two nurses lifted you onto the bed as you held out your hand for Hoseok to hold. Coming to your side, he looked at the doctor that just came through the doors.

“This is going to be tricky.” The doctor remarked as the nurses got the baby station ready for the new arrival.

“What do you mean?” Hoseok asked over all of the bustling bodies.

“We just don’t have her hooked up to any machines so we can’t monitor her or the baby.” The doctor explained as he got dressed getting ready for the delivery.

“Can’t we hook them up really quickly?” Hoseok asked as you screamed out in pain.

“There isn’t any time.” The doctor said as he sat down and wheeled himself up to the end of the bed. “Keep an eye on your wife, if anything happens let me know.” The doctor looked over his glasses at Hoseok as he nodded and looked down at you.

A nurse stood beside you as she gave you orders from the doctor. Hoseok just hoped silently that you would be ok and that the baby would be ok too.

“You’re doing great. Just about there.” Hoseok said as he held your hand in pure fear as he tried to be strong for you. Letting out a few screams, you felt this release of pressure as you threw your head back down onto the pillow.

“Welcome to the world, little boy.” The doctor said loudly as he held up the little baby in his hands. Shuffling him the the nurses, he looked over at the baby as you pulled on Hoseok’s arm. He looked down at you and a tear ran down your face.

“Why isn’t the baby crying?” You asked with a shaky voice as he shook his head that he didn’t know.

“I am sure that the baby will be fine.” He tried to reassure you as he kissed your forehead gently. The doctor peered over his glasses at the nurses that were trying everything to get the baby to cry. Rubbing the body down with a towel and putting on a heating lamp, the victorious sound rung through the room as Hoseok beamed down at you. A relieved breath came from your lips as they got you ready for recovery.

Wheeling you into a private room, they helped you change into a gown and hooked you up to machines as they congratulated you on your delivery. Hoseok beamed next to you as he sat down in the chair, getting off of his feet.

“Ho-ssi?” You questioned once the nurses left the room.

“Yes babe?” He looked at you with a proud smile and gently pushed your hair away.

“What did they say the baby was?” You asked with everything being such a blur.

“A little boy.” He said with a bright smile as he leaned up and kissed your forehead.

“Our little boy.” You said softly as you looked at him. “Thank you, Hoseok.”

“Thank you too, ______.” He kissed your lips gently as the door opened, both of your heads turned as they wheeled in a little glass crib with a bundle of blankets inside.

“He was so cold that we had to get him warmed up, he is a little small but otherwise perfect.”
The nurse said as she picked him up out of the glass crib and handed him over to you. Holding the little baby in your arms, his little lips moved together as his small hands rubbed his closed eyes softly. His black hair stood proudly on his head as you looked at Hoseok with tears brimming your eyes.

“He’s perfect.” You leaned up and kissed his lips once more. Smiling at you, he kissed his son’s small head as you never wanted to let your little son go.

“What should we name him?” Hoseok asked as you looked at him with a smile, already knowing the perfect name.

“Hanseok” You said softly as he couldn’t help but be flustered by your answer. “Just like his Daddy.”

“You like that name? Hanseok?” Hoseok asked as the baby yawned and gently smiled against you as you nodded your head.

“Then you are Hanseok.” You whispered softly as you kissed his soft hand gently. 

“Welcome to our family.” Hoseok said as he sat on the edge of the bed next to you.