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Bold are your texts, Italic are his texts
Music flowed from the speakers of your laptop, the only light in your room came from your laptop that you were relaxing with. Your legs were under the silky black sheets while the white comforter eased the weight of the laptop on your thighs. Moving the mouse from various websites that you were on, you moved from one site to the next, the posts started to get slower, nothing was holding your attention and keeping your mind off of the darkness that was starting to close around you.

Looking around the room, you saw your closed bedroom door but as you looked around the room, your eyes fell on the empty spot next to you. The space that was usually occupied by your husband, J. Hope, but tonight he was off on a business trip.

Sighing, you looked back at your screen, turning up your music a little louder, you felt your phone vibrate next to you, the screen lit up, capturing your attention. Picking up your phone in your tired hands, you lit up the screen and clicked on your app that held all of your messages. Tapping on the first message, you smiled when the name at the top of the screen read Husband

Hey cutie pie~

Hello Handsome! How is Japan?

It is okay, I would rather have you here next to me though :/

I would rather have that too haha

What are you up to? I know you must be tired from designing clothes all day.

Just relaxing, listening to your latest album though :)

Haha! I am glad you are enjoying my music still! Did you design any outfits for me today?

Just a few today… I’ll send you the drawings~

Pulling out your sketch book, you flipped to the right page. With the paper split in half with a soft pencil line. On the left side you had him standing like a model against a slightly drawn portion of a sports car. Leaning against the door of the car with one leg cocked, he wore jeans with his thumbs sticking out slightly from the pockets. A well fitting V neck shirt, a small silver chained necklace and a leather jacket rounded out the outfit perfectly. his hair was one of your favorite styles on him. 

On the right you sketched him in a summer attire, standing in front of a ocean backdrop, you had him in a loose tank top with the word Her’s written across the chest while he had on some sporty swim shorts, sunglasses propped up on the top of his head and his feet bare as he was standing on the sand.

Attaching them to your texts, you sent them with a smile before you turned off your laptop and placed it beside your bed. Leaning over the edge of your bed, you pulled the chain attached to your lamp. The soft yellow light instantly lit up the room, sliding under the covers you waited for his reply. Laying on your back, you rested your phone on your stomach while your fingers played with each other.

A vibration came on your phone as you smiled and picked it up.


No, sorry, I don’t have them yet~ They were just something I doodled >.<

Ah, so you were thinking about me, weren’t you?

Of course, I am your wife, it is my job to think about you now!

I see~ I still like your drawings of me though

Thank you~ How was your day today?

It was good, just rehearsal and dress rehearsal today before we had to go in for a press conference too.

Talking for hours and hours, you were yawing and rubbing your eyes, letting your eyes fall closed for a few minutes in between replies. Looking up in the right hand corner of your phone at the time, you sighed but then reread the cute and heart warming messages of your husband.
In the early morning hours, you started dozing off while the vibrations hardly woke you up now.

Baby girl, I think it is time for you to go to sleep now~

But I want to keep talking with you

I don’t want to stop talking to you either, but I am really close to falling asleep too.

Just a few more messages?

Okay but if I don’t reply, I have fallen asleep hahaha


One message turned into two then two turned into twenty and before you knew it another hour passed. Sending your message to reply to his, you closed your eyes and started to nod off to sleep.

As you waited for J. Hope to reply, he was already fast asleep, your background happily lighting up his sleeping face, the light faded on his sleeping face as he then cuddled with a pillow imaging it as you.

However you did the exact same thing, cuddling his pillow with his scent, you smiled and nuzzled your face against the soft pillow.

Both of you happily fell asleep dreaming of you two cuddling together in the same bed rather than being two different continents away. Yet your dreams were of you both happily together making you impatient for when your other half returned home.