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“You aren’t putting it on right” Hoseok cooed from the couch behind his phone.

“I’m not?” You smiled up at him puzzled, “I haven’t even started yet”

Watching his cheeks turn a light shade of pink, you smiled and looked down at the little box of nail polish that sat in front of you on the coffee table.

“I like this one” You whispered to yourself, pulling out a dark green polish, tapping your lips, your eyes scanned through the little box before you found a lighter, yet perfectly matching green.

“Perfect” You smiled and set both bottles of nail polish on the edge of the coffee table. Rolling up your black sweatpants to your knee, you adjusted the way that you were sitting so that you could reach your toes better.

Cleaning them and trimming them down, you carefully pushed back the cuticles a little and then opened up the darker bottle of nail polish.

“Why do you have two colors when you only use one?” Hoseok questioned as he moved over and peered over your shoulder as you rested against the side of the couch.

“The light one is for the details” You slowly explained as you tried to keep your concentration on your strokes of nail polish.

Watching you with all of your attention on your toes, he leaned over and saw that you had some hair tucked behind your ear. Gently gathering air in his cheeks, he leaned over and positioned his lips in front of your ear. Keeping an eye on you, you were still engulfed in painting in your big toe.

Opening his lips slightly, he blew his warm breath into your ear by surprise. Moving away from him out of instinct, you ended up falling over on the floor and looking up at him as he knelt on the couch, waving his hand at you he giggled and laid down on the couch as he peered down at you.

“I thought you were painting your nails, not playing twister” He teases as you while you sat up a little and returned the small brush back into the polish bottle before moving to another spot so you can finish your toes.

Shaking the nail polish up, you resumed painting your toes and finally finished a foot. Letting the paint dry, you started on your other foot, with the darker color as Hoseok crawled on the ground over to your side.

“See you won’t even use the light green, I bet that it is really offended” Hoseok held up the little glass bottle and started stroking it as he untwisted the cap and pulled out the little brush.
Watching the light green drip from the brush and into the bottle, he glanced over at you just as you finished your feet.

“I am going to use it, I just have to wait for the base coat to dry” You told him as you prepared your hands.

“You have to do your hands too?” He remarked shocked, “Why do girls paint their nails if they chip off the next day?”

Hoseok lays on the floor as he sets the light green bottle beside you while watching you,
carefully paint over your nails, making sure that each one is perfect.

“They look pretty, besides they are fun to design” You told him as you twisted the dark green’s cap back on the bottle before grabbing the light green one.

“Too bad more boys don’t paint their nails, I bet they would really like it” You remarked wondering if your boyfriend wanted you to do his.

“They don’t like to because it takes forever!” He emphasized the last word, drawing it out to show you how long it takes.

“But they look pretty when you are done” You told him as you started drizzling the light green polish over the dark one, creating a splattered paint look.

Hoseok sat up and looked at your nails as he leaned in closer to get a better look.

“Those look cool!” He remarked happier than he should have been, seeming that it took forever.

“I could do the same for you, or like black and then with neon green splatters.” You offered him as you finished your nails and carefully showed him the two colors together.

“It isn’t girly if I want to do this… right?” He looked at you seriously

“Not at all, I find it very manly” You teased with a smile, acting genuine

“Oh yeah sure” He rolled his eyes before he took the black nail polish from you as he opened the cap and started to do his left hand.

Watching him stick out his tongue a little and curl it against his top lip while he concentrated hard to try and stay on the nail itself. Letting out a deep sigh, he closed his eyes and rounded his shoulders.

“One done” He looked up at you as you just giggled while you blew on your fingers to try and dry them faster.

“Nine more to go, if you wanted to do just your fingers” You remarked as he hit his feet against the floor in a little tantrum.

“It is so much work” He whined, “Can’t you do it for me?”:

Your eyes lifted to meet his, looking into his eyes seriously for a moment as his eyes softened and pleaded for your help.

“I don’t want to make them look silly” He pouted visibly

“Okay, I will do them but you have to hold still for me” You moved closer to him as he nodded like a little boy.

Grabbing the nail polish, you held his hand in yours as you gently twisted his fingers slightly to make sure that you get the very edges of each nail. Finishing quickly, you looked up at him and gently blew on them making sure that they were slightly dried before you started to do the splatter paint on them.

“You make it look easy” He remarked quietly as you finished up and twisted the caps on and checked to see if your own nails were dried.

“Thank you, I have had some practice” You smirked and closed the box of nail polish as you twisted the cap on the green colored liquid in a bottle.

“What’s that?” He questioned

“Remover, it makes the polish come off like magic” You told him as you put it beside your nail polish box and sat next to him.

“How long does it take for it to dry?” He questioned as you took one of his hands in yours and brushed the back of your finger over his nails to see if they were hardened yet.

“It depends but I think fifteen minutes or so” You shrugged your shoulder as he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you onto his lap.

“Honestly beauty takes a lot of time” He rested his head against yours shoulder as you took his hands in yours as you continued to blow gently on his fingers.

“Look who is talking” You giggled and brushed the back of your fingers against his to see that they were all dry.

With his fingers spread out, you slipped your fingers between his and admired your slightly matching nails. However the sweet moment was short lived when the door opened to his members walking in and throwing their bags in a pile for the next day.

Coming over, Jin and Suga saw the nail polish on the table and looked through the pretty colors together as you felt Hoseok curl his fingers into yours in an attempt to hide his freshly painted nails.

“Did you paint your nails?” V asked with a smile as he leaned over the back of the couch.

“We did” You replied as Jungkook laughed.

“Did you just say we?” Jungkook asked

“Hoseok and I both painted our nails” You felt Hoseok hide his face in your hair as the members started to gather around.

“Show us” Jimin pleaded.

Pulling out your hands and uncurling your fingers to show everyone, Hoseok’s fingers uncurled with yours.

“Ooooh~” Suga cooed as the members started laughing and giggling as you stood up to put the supplies away.

“Very pretty” V teased Hoseok as he started to blush

“Where are you going Hoseok?” You questioned as you saw him standing up and heading towards the bedroom.

“Away” He grumbled

“Don’t go too far, we have to do your toes to match” You cooed after him as a joke.

“Yah! I’m going to kill you” He spun on his heels as you trotted past him and kissed him on his cheek. Running off to your bedroom, he chased after you and wrapped his arms around you and fell with you onto the bed as he kept his hold tight on you.

“Is this how you are going to kill me?” You questioned trying to wiggle from his strong grip.

“Oh no, I have to kill you another time because I love you too much” He mumbles before he kisses your cheek softly, lacing his matching fingers with yours.