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“Where are you taking me?” You whined for the hundredth time while his gloved hands covered your eyes.

“I told you, you will see soon” He smirked while he looked around seeing that you two had arrived at the place where he had planned to take you.

“You said that we would be there a half an hour ago” You pranced on your feet in protest

“That is when we got into the car, we have only been walking for a few minutes” He stole a kiss from your cheek

“Yah! Who said you could steal kisses from me anyways” You huffed hearing the crunching under his boots stop. Stopping along with him, you rose your gloved hands over his.

“I’m your fiance, I have to steal kisses from you, that is part of the job description” He slowly dropped his hands from your eyes, wrapping his arms around your shoulders, he looked over at you still seeing your eyes closed.

“Open your eyes jagi, we are finally here” He smiled, watching your eyes flutter open, your expression turned sour seeing nothing in sight except for trees and snow.

“What’s wrong?” J hope started to panic not seeing your angelic smile that he had pictured when he had planned to bring you here.

“W-What are we doing here?” You questioned turning your head slowly to look at his face.

“I thought we could have a snowman building contest, but you can’t really do that in the city so I brought you out here. I thought we could get away and just be us” He licked his reddened lips while his eyes gently explained the rest.

“O-Oh” You stuttered finally understanding his different date idea, “I love it then~ I-I thought you were going to do something traditional like all of the other guys do for their fiance’s.” You chuckled nervously.

“Ah Jagi, you know I play by my own rules. Besides I wanted to have something for you to brag about to your friends over the holidays” He rocked you gently from side to side between his strong arms.

“Oh you know I will always brag about you” You turned your head and kissed his reddened cheek gently. “Now, how do we do the snowman building contest?”

“Oh oh oh!” He started to bounce around and let you go from his arms as he stood in front of you. “So we are going to have half an hour to make our snow boy or snow girl then which one looks better gets to choose what we do next!”

“You’re on!” You smiled and ran to the snow banks and started to make snow balls to roll in the snow making the snowman’s body.

Feeling the weight of his worry lift off of his shoulder, he ran to the opposite direction and started to make his as well. Setting his watch for a half an hour, he worked hard to try and beat you so he could choose what to do next.

With a few minutes remaining in the contest, J hope looked over at your completed snow man. Discovering that it was better than his, he bent down and rolled a snowball between his gloves. Watching you unwrap the scarf from your neck, you placed your hat on the snowman’s head and the scarf around his neck before you stood back and admired your work.

Throwing the snowball, he aimed to hit your upper body, “Yah!” He called loudly to capture your attention. Turning around, you saw something barreling towards you, lifting your arms, you quickly covered your exposed face. Busting on impact, you dropped your arms to see that the snowball hit you on your side.

“Yah! You are going to pay for that Mister!” You cried, bending down, you quickly packed a snowball tightly between your hands and threw it over to him.

Taking cover behind his poorly built snowman, you watched as your snowball hit his snowman instead, he laughed and sprung up from his hiding spot.

“You missed me, now you got to kiss me!” J Hope yelled loudly before taking off.
“Yah you are the kiss stealer!” You yelled back before bounding after him, leaning down, you picked up some snow and threw it his way.

“I love your kisses that is why I steal them!” He defends playfully, running under a tree with high branches, he waited until you were in the right place before jumping up and shaking the branch to have the snow fall down on the two of you.

“YAH!” You shook the snow off of your head and shoulders, “Now you really are going to get it!”
Running up to him, he stood still as you wrapped your arms around him and tackled him to the ground. With the momentum of your collision, the two of you rolled down the snow bank until both of you stopped at the bottom.

“Was that part of your plan?” You questioned looking up into his eyes, while you felt his body relax against yours as he hung over you.
“No… but this was” He smiled and leaned down gently kissing your lips that were tinted blue just slightly from being outside in the cool air.

Both of your lips met one another, allowing a warmth to grow inside both of you. J hope’s lips moved over yours, as a soft sweet hum came from his lips just before he pulled away.

Once your eyes opened, you felt his warm and loving gaze pour over you while a light snowfall began. Chuckling under your breath you bit your bottom lip lightly, loving the magical moment.
“Was this planned to?” You questioned with a giggle lining your words

“No… but what can I say~ Magic always happens when I am with you”