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My cousin told me that anime is cartoons and I should stop watching it because its for kids. (We never got along and used to make fun of me ) I look at her and said 'anime is cartoons, cartoons are for kids.' I then looked at her ' so what your telling me anime is for children correct.' She nodded her head. I stared at her then smirked. Then I said'... okay if its cartoons why don't we watch one of these "kids cartoons ". She agreed. ' she said put in anyone your not going to change my mind.' So I put in Corpse Party and hid the remote from her. We then sat down on my bed as the anime started to loaded .'so what child cartoon did you put in sailor moon or something. ' I look at her and smiled' you'll see.' let's just say she watch the anime through her fingers. And after the anime was done I got up and took the disc out of the Xbox 360. My cousin didn't say a thing until I ask. But dhe slowly removed her hands from her face' So tell me is anime a cartoon meant for children? Or would you like to watch a different anime? I have lots more. Oh I know lets watch dead space' she stared at me in horror. I turn around and look at her ' No how about Tokyo Ghoul,no black blood brothers,or how about darker than black.' As I was saying the name I was reading the back of each case, her face look like a fish out of water then she ran out of the room. Lets just said she will no longer say anime is a kids cartoon or its for children anymore. She keeps her mouth shut around me now and avoid me. Which I don't mind because we never like each other in the first place. I can actually go to a family thing now and don't need to deal with her making fun of me because I like anime. I just got tired of her saying things about stuff that I like and she knows nothing about.
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