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I got this message on line. I'm so mad!! I don't understand how someone can copy someone else's song and claims it as their own!! It's freaking pathetic!!! Why would someone do this??! Vixx worked so hard on this song! Someone needs to report this to Jellyfish entertainment
Here is the song. Alot of Starlights are commenting on the video it has more dislikes than likes. Report this song
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What surprises me the most is that he didn't even try to change any of the song😡😡. The beat is the same I'm pretty sure the words are the same. This is completely ridiculous 😠😠😠. How'd you get famous if you can't even write your own song. He obviously doesn't feel bad about it if he's done it before😒😒
This guy did it before with Vixx's Dynamite. It did it on some show for an audition
It's Not the first time they have done that they also plagiarized Super Juniors MAMACITA among others I believe. they need to seriously stop this it's getting ridiculous
you have got to be shitting me!!
That's exactly what I said when I saw it
but yeah I'm hoping jellyfish would get on this case
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