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The guys react to you telling them you're pregnant?

Aye my Soldiers be marching. Imma be a daddy.
Oh my god really? So cool. *nervous laughter*
*what the gif says. Simon oppa gets very emotional.*
*Stunned and frankly In disbelief but smiles because he's happy anyway*

Imagine the guys propose to you.

Imagine Elo singing a song dedicated to you at one of his concerts because he knows you're there. At the end of his song he exposes to the crowd your three year relationship and brings you on stage to propose to you. All of AOMG turn the fuck up with the crowd when you say yes and he makes you stay on stage while Jay performs Mommae.
Imagine Chase plops down in front of you while you're eating cereal at the table and he says, "Do you think if we elope now I can be back in time for the concert?" You blink and say. "Cha cha what the hell did you just say to me?" Cha Cha just smiles and stares at you while pulling out a ring and then says. "Marry me."
Imagine being in the park with Duck playing basketball and he says " okay if I can make the basket you have to marry me." you laugh and say "Oh this I have to see." he tosses the ball behind him and makes the shot. He cheers happily before he picks you up and says, "Say hello to your new husband."
Imagine you wake up to Gray in your bed. He used your key to sneak in this morning and he smiles at you. "Did you sneak out before the guys could ask you where you were going?" you ask. "No I told them where I was going but I haven't told them where I'm staying." "What do you mean?" "I mean I'm moving out and you should too, with me." you blink and sit up rubbing your eyes. "Um Seonghwa we've talked about living together. Fans will get upset." "I know but you'll be my wife so I don't care." you blink again. "I'll be your what?" Seonghwa laughs and pulls out the white box he had hidden behind his back. he opens it up and says, "Will you be mine forever Y/n." imagine saying yes and he pulls you close to kiss you before some nice morning sex and cuddling.
I should've Planned this one put better sorry my brother is getting married so I'm distracted.