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So this chapter is a cute and chill one!

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WARNING!: There is some language in this chapter but it is mild. XD

Day 16 | The Kims

The next morning, we all were awoken by the lady we had met the night before. She burst into the room and yelled at us out of nowhere.


We all groaned and woke up very quickly after that. We got dressed and headed down the stairs, surprised that it was only the two of them.

"Where are the others?" I asked, noticing the empty plates in the sink and the large amount of chairs around the table. 

"Ah, they already ate. They are outside working the field," The boy said, pointing out the window. I turned around to see a few people all out there, picking out vegetables and placing them into baskets.

"You guys are still farming?" Krystal asked, sitting down in the seat beside me.

"Well what else are we supposed to do? Sit around and wait to die?" The older lady said, bringing plates in front of us. It was scrambled eggs with two pieces of toast - something we haven't had in a long time. I wiped at my face to make sure I wasn't drooling.

"Ah I didn't-"

"It's fine sweetheart. Just messing with ya," She laughed, leaving Krystal speechless. I tried my best not to laugh and decided to just dig in to the beautiful plate of food before me. "Ah, excuse our manners. We haven't even introduced ourselves yet. My name is Kim Yijong and this small fry here is my grandson, Kim Taehyung." She pointed to the boy our age.

"Ahh, so you are the friend Jimin was talking about!" I said, looking at him more closely. "Well my name is Avri like I told you guys last night. This is Krystal and the two little one's are Bomi and Jung-Yoon." They gave a small smile towards the two, too involved in their food to even get a word out. 

"Ah I knew I recognized you!" She said heading over to Jung-Yoon. "You have grown up so fast. I remember when you used to run around in diapers around this old place," She said ruffling the hair on top of his head. He laughed at that.
"Yeah! I loved it here!" He said, making her flashy a toothy grin. 

"Well as much as it is nice to meet you guys, where is the rest of your group? You said you all got separated?" Taehyung spoke up, eyeing me. Yijong took a seat at the table as well, interested in what we had to say. I swallowed the piece of bread in my mouth before speaking.

"The others went out to go get food and see if they could find any supplies. We were running really low and they had picked out some places before they left. We didn't really mean to come here but everything happened so fast last night." I started, taking another bite. "A horde came out of no where and swarmed the cabin. We had no choice but to leave and take what we could with us." I frowned, still upset over everything that happened.

"I am sorry to hear about that hon," Yijong spoke. "Well you guys are more than welcome to stay as long as you need to. How do the others know you are here? All the phone lines have been down for a while so how did you contact them?" She asked, picking up our plates as we had all finished at this time.

"I left them a note inside the cabin. I figured that they would go back inside to see what happened. We can only hope they see it," I muttered, realizing that if they didn't try to get back in, they might have absolutely no idea where we are. 

"I am sure they will get here soon. But now that you stomachs are full, it's time to put you four to work!" She yelled, clapping her hands together.

"Wait, you were serious about that?!" Krystal uttered, not thinking before she spoke.

"Now why the hell would I joke about something like that? We need help gathering the vegetables and taking care of the animals so while you all are here, might as well work for as long as you stay," She said, tossing us gloves and hats. 

"You two ladies can help with the other people staying here and you two youngins can come help me feed the animals," she ordered. Bomi and Jung-Yoon were instantly excited at the thought of seeing live animals and being able to feed them while Krystal and I were not as pumped.

"Taehyung will be out there with you two so if you need help, ask him or one of the others. Thanks ladies!" She yelled, already out the door with the younger two. Krystal heaved a sigh, placing the gloves on her hands while muttering something I couldn't make out. Taehyung had gone over to place his plate in the sink as well and put on his hat and gloves. 

"Come you two, we better start now before she comes back and yells at us for taking so long," He said, looking completely serious. Krystal and I shot each other a quick look before following him out the door. Farming can't be too hard, can it? I thought to myself. 

Well, guess there is always a first for everything.



So for the extra people at the farm, I was thinking of letting you guys vote for some of the people based on who you wanted them to be! 

Do you want to see a variety of kpop stars right now or the BTS members?! The voting is also only today as I will be writing the chapter tonight!

Leave a comment to let me know and I will make sure to take whichever one and put it in the story for tomorrow! ;)

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A variety. Maybe some members of underrated groups or rookie groups. Maybe some members of SF9 or Boys Republic. Maybe members of...Red Velvet or Pristin maybe.
Ahh that would be cool! Okay I will keep that in mind! 😄
BTS and a variety ....put names in a bag and pull some out! hehe😆
OMG that is a great idea! 😄😂😂
BTS members
I would love to see a variety and BTS members!!!!!
Cool! I will take note of that! 😄
Crap!!! I knew I should've kept up with this series!! I missed the voting;; 😅 Oh well, it'll be nice to be surprised~