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When I woke up I could hear a blur of racing voices and my heart was beating really fast. I could feel the blood rushing through my body. I may have left the voices but they were here waiting for me to wake up. Suddenly it hit me...

Bre where is Bre? We need to get the fuck out of here.

I jump up like I was superwoman even though my vison was slightly blurry. Suddenly I could feel something grab me. This voice was soothing yet so seductive.

"Ah you might want to slow down. Here have some water."

"She's a vampire you dumbbell she doesn't need any fucking water." Another male voice hissed.

"She's not a vampire as I told you guys a million times. We are locals and was just curious about this club. Could you all please answer my questions?" Bre asked while fanning Jessamine.

Suddenly I could feel and see everything. It was like color coming people. Everyone had different shades. I could feel what Bre was feeling. She scared yet determined. I looked up and we were in a VIP room.
It was lit by candles and I was on a soft pink sofa with my head on Bre's lap sandwiched in between the male with the sexy voice. I could the other guy was standing over us with an emotionless face.

I touch my head and my vision came back to me with the bonus of seeing colors vividly.

"I will take that water and I'm not a vampire. They don't exist."

"Thank God she is back alive!" Bre hugged Jessamine.

"Oh we have one of those. If vampires are not real then what the fuck are we lady who almost hit me with her car?"

"Hum...psychotic?" I said

"Wow we have met your female self Yoongi. Hey I'm Jimin and this is my brother Yoongi. He can be a pain in the ass but I love him." Jimin paused and smiled. "Anyways you took a huge fall, mosh pits are not my thing either." He handed her a water.

I couldn't take my eyes off Jimin. I felt at ease with him. He had the cutest eyes and perfect pale skin. His hair looked super soft. I found myself running my fingers through his hair. Suddenly he left out a small moan. Once I realized what I was doing I choke on my water. Bre began smacking my back.

Yoongi yanked Jimin away. "Dude you are super weird. You don't moan around strangers." Yoongi looked at us Bre you got my information for the interview. The sun is about to come up so we gotta go. Yall on ya own."

"Okay thanks so much!" Bre said

Jimin's POV
Damn Jessamine smelled so good.....
I wanted to taste and take her right then and there. I may be sweet but there is a monster inside. I felt so on edge with her around. When she touched my hair. The warmth from her deep soft mahogany skin made my jeans tight. From her scent she is the one. However, she has not be awoken yet. I wonder if she felt me pull this strand on hair out her head when she was knocked out?

Yoongi likes Bre I just know it. He never helps out people let alone give out his real number. It is a shame that Jessamine doesn't believe in our kind...her kind. If she only knew our very existence is in her hands...those hands. I will definitely keep my eye on her. I feel like I have to protect her.

End of POV

Jimin laid closed the blinds shut. He blew out the candles and slid into his bed. The room was pitch black. He put on his sleeping mask as he felt himself thinking about Jessamine. He fumbled himself as he sniffed that stand of hair he pulled from Jessamine's head.

Ah cherry blossom mixed with her natural scent.

He licked his hand and began moving it slowly around his tip pretending it was Jessamine. The scent was driving him nuts. I want her so bad....
He began moving his hand up and down his memeber. He bit down on his lip as he imagined her moaning. I wonder what she would sound like.....I bet she's tight.....
He stroked harder and picked up pace.
Ah Jessamine yes...he groaned as he hit climax and injected into a tissue.

Suddenly Yoongi busted into his room.

"Damn bro you waking off already. Jessamine doesn't even know you. I will talk some sense in you later."

"So what I love her. She is mine." Jin yelled.

Yoongi chuckled and shook his head while closing the door tight.

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jesus jimin keep your cock in your pants you dirty boy your nasty I love it but boy calm your ass down damn just because you see a girl doesn't mean you have to take your dick out all the time and jerk off someone needs to tech you how to keep your dick in your pants you horny bastard lol
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@amobts I know what you mean
oooh Jimin you lil freak πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
rady for the next 1
part 4 is up
Damn ChimChim​ 😳😏
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