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Jungkook was uncomfortable sitting in those wooden chairs. However, it wasn’t the reason on why he was uncomfortable. His pants were tight and finding a comfortable position without anyone seeing his hard on, was difficult for him. The last night for the Spring Show was going and Ji Su was one of the last to enter. When she did, Jungkook leaned forward as it was getting harder to handle. She didn’t help one bit either, walking with those hips swaying from side to side. The dress she was wearing was all white and covered in decorative lace. She looked like an angel in his eyes with a perfect smile walking on that catwalk.
When the show came to an end, Ji Su went and changed back to what she wore before the show. Walking back out she was bombarded with hugs and complaints from Mi Sun. Mi Sun was so happy that everything went great and how beautiful Ji Su looked. The whole-time Mi Sun spoke, Ji Su looked at Jungkook who was looking at her with a lustful gaze. She smirked at him and made him wait a little longer.
Ji Su walked around greeting and saying good bye to the designers who coming and leaving. Walking over to the bar that was set up for the after party, waiting for her drink, Jungkook walked up behind her placing his hands on her hips. She looked back at him and asked if he wanted anything. Jungkook told her no when her drink was handed to her. He smirked knowing it was her cherry drink. He ended up one day asking Yoongi what the name of the drink that he was always making for Ji Su. Yoongi told Jungkook it was a Singapore Sling and asked if Jungkook wanted a taste. The younger man told him no, knowing that he already knew what it tasted like.
An hour went by and Ji Su was on her second drink, talking away with some business men about her upcoming line she was working on. The whole time Jungkook stayed by her side touching her when no one was looking. Mi Sun left before Ji Su, taking the two dresses that were in the show up with her. Mi Sun told them that she was tired, but they both knew she was skyping Jin.
“Can we head up now?” Jungkook whispered in her ear while she was slowly drinking her tasty cherry drink.
“When I’m done with this we will.” She told him walking away. Jungkook groaned and followed her. Ji Su just smiled sipping her drink walking up to an old friend that she hadn’t seen in years. They spoke as if the time never changed. When Ji Su drink was empty, Jungkook took the glass and put it on a tray when a waiter walked by.
“My that young man of yours.” Her friend, Lee, said when Jungkook wasn’t listening.
“What about him Lee?” Ji Su asked.
“Can I take him for the night? He looks like he could make a girl’s night satisfying. If you know what I am talking about.” Lee wiggled her eyebrows at Ji Su who was forcing a smile on her face.
“Sorry Lee, but I don’t like sharing my men like you.” Ji Su grabbed Jungkook’s hand asking if he was ready to head up for the night. When Ji Su looked back at Lee, she smiled seeing Lee’s mouth wide open shocked on what Ji Su told her.
As Jungkook and Ji Su walked to the lift it was like déjà vu for them both. However, this time around, Jungkook pushed her against to wall teasing her with his lips. Making her want him to kiss her. She never gave in and walked out with him in tow holding her hand. As she put her pin in, Jungkook kissed her shoulder up to her neck causing her to mess up a few times before getting the pin right and the door opening.
Jungkook didn’t wait for when the door closed before he pushed her against the wall. He smirked while he kissed her tasting those cherries. Ji Su could feel how eager he was and she was just as eager too. As the kiss grew intense as they undressed leaving a trail of clothes as they moved from the wall to the bed. The back of Jungkook’s knees hit the edge of the bed causing him to sit and Ji Su leaning down cupping his face with her hands kissing him deeper. He placed his hands on her hips pulling her closer. She ended up sitting on his lap, straddling him. His hands moved from her hips up to her bra, unclasping it and throwing it somewhere within the room. Ji Su broke the kiss trying to catch her breath.
The only sounds in the room were their heavy breathing as they stared into each other’s eyes. Jungkook flipped her over to her back capturing her lips once more as his removed her skirt and panties throwing them like he did with her bra. Just like he did earlier before the show, he slid in two fingers and slowly finger fucked her causing her to grip his hair feeling her climax rapidly coming closer. Without warning she came and he slid his length right into her making her climax once more.
Jungkook placed her hands above her head looking at Ji Su’s melting sapphire eyes that looked as he was deep within the ocean. He leaned down kissing Ji Su on the forehead, moving to her nose, and then landing on her lips while he picked up his pace. He went faster knowing he was close to coming with Ji Su. Gripping his hands, her nails dug into his skin reaching the end climaxing with Jungkook.
He rolled off her trying to catch his breath, Ji Su doing the same. When Jungkook could breathe normally he leaned on his right hand with his elbow in the pillow, he stared at Ji Su. Her eyes were closed trying to calm her breathing and her heart rate.
When she finally opened her eyes to was looking at deep smoky gray eyes. Jungkook’s eyes wondered all over her, noticing things that he never noticed before. Scars above her right eyebrow, left side of her collarbone, right hip, and on both her wrist.
“How come I never noticed these scars before?” he asked breaking the silence in the room that was filled with their heavy breathing. Ji Su rolled onto her left side mimicking his position.
“I don’t know, maybe after telling you see me differently.” She told him moving the hair that fell into his eyes.
“The one above your eyebrow?”
“My cousin pushed me and I fell hitting the corner of the porch at my grandmothers. The one on my collarbone was when I fell off my bike hitting a pole. A nail was sticking out and stabbed me. The one on my hip my...uncle burnt me there.” She shared with him and shuttered remembering her uncle burning her. Jungkook rubbed the marks on her arms knowing what she used to do. Well as least that is want he hoped. “Those marks were from a long time ago when I wanted to feel something. I ended up getting help and I haven’t done it. So, don’t worry.” She assured him as if she knew what he was thinking.
Jungkook took his long arms and wrapped her in them pulling her closer. He hated to know that she had a hard time growing up. Sure, everyone has their fair share. But with her she didn’t have anyone beside Mi Sun that she could go to for things. Jungkook hoped that one day he could be someone that she could go to. Something more than physical feelings attached.
Soon after the Spring Show, the weather changed and summer was in the air. Ji Su jumped right into her work, as the Summer Show was rapidly approaching. She wanted her men’s line to be prefect along with a new women’s line to showcase with the men’s line. One day when Ji Su and Mi Sun were over at the boy’s place, Ji Su asked them if they could help her with the men’s line. The boys agreed making her happy as she was just a step closer to her dream.
On days when she wasn’t busy, her and Jungkook would go and have coffee somewhere when they had the time. Their relationship was slowly developing into a friendship, and the physical part seemed to slow down. Though it didn’t stop them from meeting in Ji Su’s office after hours. Few times when Jungkook was over, Mi Sun come in wanting to talk with Ji Su. Every time they were interrupted, Jungkook had to pretend he was there helping Ji Su. J
ungkook was busy working on new dance routines with his team; Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and him. There were dance competitions that were rapidly approaching as well. Ji Su caught a few glimpses when they were working in the main dance room that faced her store. She liked how Jungkook looked while he was working so hard. Every time she watched him, her heart would race uncontrollably. Ji Su was slowing falling for him, but she didn’t want to be that girl who would tie him down if he had bigger dreams in life.
Ji Su was in the living room one, night working on one of the suits when Mi Sun walked in. Placing her bag on the couch, Mi Sun sat down next Ji Su watching her.
“I was thinking you take the night off and you come with me for a girl’s night.” Mi Sun said taking the sketch book and pencils out of Ji Su’s hands.
“But I need to get this done.” Ji Su said trying to take the sketch back.
“No, we need to hang out. When was the last time that we did?” Mi Sun asked standing up, holding out her hands to help Ji Su up.
“Alright just let me change.” Ji Su walked into her room and the walked back out wearing jeans and I big white t-shirt.
“Whose shirt are you wearing?” Mi Sun asked when Ji Su was grabbing her phone. Ji Su looked down and realized that it was Jungkook’s from the night they had movies.
Well he still has my bracelet, I guess that means that I’ll just keep his shirt hostage until I get my bracelet back.
“Um I don’t know. Maybe I bought it and never returned it when I found out it was too big.” Ji Su told Mi Sun hoping she wouldn’t catch the lie.
“That could be it. I was thinking it was Jungkook’s shirt since that is the only color he wears.” Mi Sun said as they walked out the door. As if he knew that they were talking about him, Jungkook was at his door getting ready to walk in. He looked over and smiled as both girls and smirked realizing what shirt Ji Su was wearing.
“Oh, Jungkook are you just coming back?” Mi Sun asked closing the door behind her.
“Yeah, we’re done for the day and since it is hot, we all decide to rest in the cool air at home.” Jungkook looked at Mi Sun before truing his head to Ji Su,
“How is the sketches coming?” He asked.
“There slowly coming. Been distracted lately, so Mi Sun is taking me out so I can refocus later.” Ji Su said to him feeling shy.
“Would you like me to come over and help you?” he asked liking how shy she was acting.
“No because we are having a girl’s night. No boys allowed.” Mi Sun told him before dragging Ji Su down the hall.
Jungkook watched as they disappeared before walking into the apartment. Closing the door behind and taking off his shoes, he groaned on how sore he was. Hoseok was putting in some tough moves into this dance routine they been working on. Walking into the hallway that his room was located, he took out his phone upon seeing his bed and lying down.
-You look really good in my shirt.
He hit sent before getting back up to find fresh clean clothes to change into after his shower.
-if you want your shirt back, I need my bracelet back.
Jungkook smiled when he saw her reply after his shower. They texted back and forth about his shirt and her bracelet. They came to an agreement that until one of them caved in, no one was going to have what they wanted back.
Feeling his eyes slowly close the flew open when he heard to door slam. He shot right up out of bed running out if his room to find Jin walking towards him.
“Hyung everything alright?” Jungkook asked worried about Jin.
“Do you care to explain what these letters mean.” Jin stated, handing Jungkook envelops that contain the letters that Jin was speaking about. Taking the letters, Jungkook opened the top one seeing that it was from the states. He felt his blood go cold upon opening it.
Dear Jeon Jungkook,
We are sad to share the news of the man you put into a coma has passed away. The family wishes to not press charges as they know that it was his fault that he came after you and that you were just defending yourself. We know that upon graduation you didn’t receive your diploma when this incident accrued. With our deepest apologies, we would like to send your diploma. We hope that you enjoyed the time you spent here at the dance academy and hope you share you experience with future students.
Sincerely, Dean Hoover.
“What happened when you were over there?” Jin asked as he watched Jungkooks skin turn pale. Jungkook looked up at Jin who looked worried.
“Hyung you don’t want to know and if you did, you wouldn’t look at me the same. I don’t want that.” Jungkook told him clenching the letter in his right.
“We are a family and a family shares things bad or good.” Jin told him taking a step closer to Jungkook.
“All you need to know is that I was defending myself.” Jungkook told Jin before walking about the door.

Here is the dress and hairstyle that Ji Su was wearing

*** Sorry for making this chapter short. I am enjoying wrting this story that I have many ideas that I want to put into the story. However, I need to figure out where to put those ideas.

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